A Lady & Her Daughter

A Lady & Her Daughter

It was a Friday evening and we all were planning for the evening party. My gang was all excited for it. We arrived at our routine venue and waiter took our routine order. Our gang had me and 2 other Nakul & Vikash we all three shared the same office and flat space, the bond was a bit stronger as we all were from the same engineering college.

As usual the office gossip started along with the drinks and food, I did not like it as it somehow sounded boring.

“Enough of office talks guys, let’s talk something else.” I interrupted in between.

Nakul paused and he joined me by saying “Ya, you are correct.”

“Hey guys I was thinking of a road trip, can we plan something of that?” Vikash added.

“Yes, its a great idea, let us plan a road trip we would start it by tomorrow as tomorrow is Saturday and we would return the by Saturday night only so that we could take rest on Sunday and join back the office on Monday, let us start by tomorrow morning.” I added in the conversation.

We all relished our meal and we decided to start by tomorrow morning for a nearby place so that we can pay a visit and return back by evening.

Our destination point was approximately 250 kms away from the starting point and as decided we started for our road trip by next morning.

We reached the place and it was a good fun as it was a new place for us to experience and we never had experienced such a lovely place before. The fun got extended and it crossed the time limit which we had set for starting the return journey. The distance was not much and more over the next day was Sunday so we barely took stress for crossing the time limit.

It got dark by the time we started our return journey and we would have barely travelled for 100 kms where in we experienced something unusual. We found that all the vehicles were standing still with their head light off on the road and there was almost a pin drop silence. We were complete stranger for the happening so the head light and the music player of our car on. I was on the steering wheel and I was finding the entire situation quite weird.

I poked Nakul and Vikash who were sleeping and made them witness the situation, they also found it very weird as there was only 1 bus and 2 cars on the road, and the entire road was empty still the vehicles were standing still. The bus was by the side of our car and both the cars were standing ahead of my car. I thought that since there was a jungle by both the side so there might be some wild animal on the road so I tried to enquire.

“Hello Sir, What is happening and why have we stopped here?” I enquired the bus conductor who was by the right side of my car.

He got his finger on his lips and asked me to put the music and the lights of the car off. It was a way beyond my imagination so I tried to get my car out of that place but the moment I put my escalator and tried my car to move ahead.

“Please do not go ahead or else you will put your and others life in danger.” conductor screamed at me. I somehow managed and got my car ahead of the bus but something was really wrong with that place and I could feel it so I followed the instruction of the conductor and I switched off the engine, light sand music of the car.

We all three were just sitting in the car trying to understand what is happening and why everyone have stopped there. All of sudden the road which was had very clear vision started filling with fog and the fog turned out so dense that even 100 meter of road was also not visible. We all three were rubbing our eyes to understand the happening as it was a first time experience for all 3 of us.

All of sudden a sound of weeping woman arose and it started turning really scary for all of us as the night was at its utmost darkness, the fog created a scary situation for all of us and the weeping lady increased the superlative degree of scariness for all 3 of us. We all were just sitting and praying our almighty to get out of this scary situation, now we understood the reason behind the vehicles standing still.

The volume of the sound started increasing with a small interval and the way lady was weeping the sound went out so creepy that the sound became the most disgusting sound I ever heard. All of sudden the weeping woman was accompanied by a baby crying at its utmost intense loudness. We all 3 of us looked at each other and we could sense each other’s feeling of fear but we were just witnessing the whole thing with a sheer helplessness.

It was almost 5 minutes since this scary scene started and I was completely speechless about it suddenly I found a decrease in the the loudness of the weeping sound and the fog also started disappearing. It took 5 more minutes for things to get back to normalcy but before that I felt that a wave passed by my ear and the wave of air was so close that I could see a figure passing by my.

I was into a complete frozen mode and the mode got back into normal with the sound of the engine which the bus driver started. I too started my car but the sensation of the scary situation went through my spines and it was so chilling that my legs also turned frozen.

Nakul and Vikas gave me a pat and asked to drive, though all three of us were barely in a situation to utter something but somehow I managed my legs and we all resumed our return journey. We crossed that ugliest and deadliest patch of the road and we reached to a road side eating joint and I stopped the car.

We all 3 got down from the car and we were trying to get back to our normal shape, I was completely into some other zone suddenly I found a bus conductor inside that eating joint. He was the same conductor who gave me instructions to switch of the engine, lights and music.

I and the bus conductor got the eye contact and I found that the conductor coming towards us. He came and asked us.

“It seems you people are new to this place.”

I nodded my head and my facial expression was more than enough to ask him about the happening.

“Long time back a lady died along with her 2 year old daughter in a road accident at that place and the spirit of the lady and her daughter come every day at the same time and mark their presence to all the passerby, since we know so we stop but people like you who are new to this entire thing becomes easy prey for that spirit.”

The conductor explained the entire thing to us but I found one unusual thing in his entire conversation and that was the word prey and I asked the conductor about it.

“The vehicles which do not stop at that place during that particular moment meet accident and it has been discovered that nobody survives the accident. That is the reason I asked you to switch off the engine of your car so that you and your fellow passenger do not fall as prey for that spirit.”

My heart was almost in my mouth and I was completely numb to hear that. As per the condusctor we all three had a narrow escape from the detah and we all were considering ourselves very lucky. We all three decided to halt at that eating joint for the entire night and start our journey next morning, that road trip really created its mark in the lives of all three of us.

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