It’s a story of small town boy Vicky who has a dream to play in Indian cricket team and this story also tells that if you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.

Vicky was a highly talked cricketer of his town, his batting skills and scores were always the talk of the town. His fame was immense also because he was highly skilled but an economically underprivileged boy. It was very difficult for Vicky to manage his livelihood but despite all his problems he maintained his self-esteemed and he use to never take help of others in any way. He always believed that hard work and strong determination can make anyone achieve anything.

Vicky was all alone as his parents passed away due to illness and left Vicky to struggle all alone in this cut throat competitive world but Vicky was a person who not only loves his struggle of life but he always take it as a sense of pride.

Vicky use to practice cricket in the early morning time from 6 am to 10 am in a cricketing club and in the evening he use to work in an eatery outlet as a waiter and after that he use to work as a night guard in a society during night. His water tight routine use to allow him to sleep only for 4 hours in the afternoon from 11 am to 3 pm. Lot of people suggested him not to work during night and he should be sleeping properly to keep his body fit in fact few amongst them offered him monetary help so that he can take proper rest and focus on his cricketing abilities but Vicky ignored these sympathetic word and always remained focused in his game. He always says that the game will take him to the highest of glory and his work easily sufficed his expenses for livelihood and most importantly his cricketing expenses.

It was a routine evening and Vicky was at the eatery outlet serving as waiter, he was busy in his usual work “Vicky, have you registered yourself in a limited over cricketing championship which is going to happen in our town very soon”, one of the eatery outlet guest told Vicky. “It is the best time to show your talent and grab each and everybody’s eye balls “. Vicky was blank as he was not at all aware about the championship at all“Do you have any information on that, like when and where it is going to happen?” The guest went to the cash counter and picked up the lying newspaper and handed it over to Vicky “Turn to page number 2 of this newspaper you will find all the information of that competition.” There was a half-page advertisement of that championship in the newspaper with full information of that championship, it looks as if that one life time opportunity which Vicky was looking forward for has arrived in his life but Vicky noticed that next day is the last day of registration. Vicky noted the venue details and thanked the guest and the almighty for sending that angel who gave him the last minute information. It is well said that if you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.

Vicky reached his cricketing club next morning and he asked the club employee about the registration form of the cricketing championship. Vicky use to skip his cricketing practice during rainy season as most of the time the cricketing pitch use to be damp and covered due to rain. The club employee handed over the registration form to Vicky and said to Vicky “I was trying to contact you regarding this championship registration but your number was not reachable”. “My mobile was not working from past few days, it needs to be fixed”. Vicky replied him with his soft tone and thanked him politely, Vicky was a thorough gentleman.

He walked up to the pitch to see the condition, he found that the pitch was dry and it was pretty good for batting practice so he decided to start his practice from the next day. He kept the day for the registration and doing his other routine work. Vicky reached the cricketing club next day for his regular practice, he took of the crease for batting. The bowler bowled and Vicky tried to defend, the bowl hit the middle portion of the bat and a very nice sound came as the ball connected with the bat. Vicky was practicing with full enthusiasm as he was planning to score maximum runs during the championship, his dream was very much clear and evident in his eyes. The bowler bowled the next ball and this time Vicky wanted to hit a boundary but the moment Vicky’s bat got in touch with the ball the whole bat turned into two. Vicky was standing still and his broken bat was lying in front of him, was it just bat or was it his life time dream Vicky was unable to understand. The bowler, coach and every one came running, a broken bat was lying in front of everybody.The coach said “Don’t worry Vicky, we will arrange another bat for you. Your championship practice should not get interrupted by any means or any chance.” Vicky was sad and he was unable to differentiate that whether it is his dreams or his bat which is lying in front of him in a broken form. “Sir, Thank you, but I’ll figure it out in my own way.” Everybody in the field knew that Vicky will not accept anybody’s help, he took his bat and walked away out of the field with a broken heart. He completed his routine job and was sitting in his room thinking about his dreams, life, fate, miseries. New bat is like a fortune for Vicky and he does not know from where he will buy the new bat suddenly he heard the knock on his door. He went and opened the door, it was his cricketing coach standing.

The coach stepped inside and asked Vicky “What happened to your new bat, you said that you will manage it yourself.” Vicky was clueless and speechless “Sir, I don’t know, maybe I have to skip this championship and plan for something else.” “Son, the opportunity barely knocks the door for the second time so this is the time to grab the opportunity and utilize it to the optimum level”. Coach said to Vicky. “Sir, but I don’t have a bat now and I don’t have the money either to buy it”, Vicky said it to the coach. Coach replied “We all know your situation and we all know your self-esteemed nature as well, that’s why I didn’t offered you any type of help on the crease. But I’m here to help you out because I know you are very talented cricketer with a beautiful mind.” Vicky said “Sir, you know I’ll not accept any help as it is against my rules and values of life”. The coach replied “Son, there is no harm in taking help if you are in the utmost need of it but since I know you, I’ve a deal for you”. Vicky was blank and said “Sir, what kind of deal are you offering me? “ The coach said that “I also run a firm where in the company promote the sportsperson for getting best of deals with various companies to endorse and promote their brand so that the sports person earns maximum and we charge a certain percentage of the entire deal from that sports person. I’m here to sign you under a contract and I’m here to give you a signing amount.” The coach took out a bundle of currency notes from his pocket and handed it over to Vicky. Vicky took the money, the money was more than enough to buy a new bat but Vicky was clue less and was standing still. The coach turned towards the door and stepped outside the house. Vicky was very much in the statue form but suddenly got into the normal mode after seeing his coach stepping outside his door. He said to coach “Sir, what if I do not perform well in the championship your entire money will be a waste.” The coach stopped and turned towards Vicky and replied “I know, you will have the best of your performance in the championship match”.

The coach’s prediction turned true and Vicky had his best of his performance in the championship match. It is very well said that when you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.

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