“What is this?” I asked my wife by showing him my brand new shirt.

“This is the same shirt which I gifted you on your birthday.” My wife answered me with a smile.

“Good that you thought to wear it today.” My wife took the shirt and unfolded it and tried helping me in wearing it.

The shirt got unfolded and few bits of the shirt fall down. “Oh god, this place is now becoming a mouse house. I’m not going to stay here anymore.” My wife angrily handed me the brand new shirt on which my flat mate Mr. Mouse seems to shower its immense love. It seems my flat became the shelter home for rats, but shifting of house was again a new expense which I don’t want to bear at that point so I thought of bringing a solution to this problem.

I visited my friend’s shop who deals with pest control things and I shard my problem with him, in return he handed me a mouse trap. On the same night I hooked a piece of bread loaf in mouse trap and waited for the result. Next morning to my surprise I found that the bread loaf was missing along with the mouse.

“The size of the mouse is so big that they easily enters and gets out of the trap after eating. You need to plan something else.” My wife gave me the mouse trap and asked it to return and get a bigger one.

I obeyed my wife like rest of husband and got a bigger mouse trap. The plan got executed well and I and my wife succeeded but one mouse trap means only one mouse but mine flat was like a playground for the rats so one mouse every day was not working well with us.

I again went back to my friend and asked for a bigger solution, he handed me few rat balls and assured me that this would definitely work. I spilled the rat balls all across the corners of my house and waited for the result. Few days passed but the expected result did not arrive.

 “What is this foul smell?” I asked my wife.

“It is all because of your rat balls, the rats are dying after eating the balls but they die somewhere in the corner of the house so everyday finding the dead rats and throwing them out has become a headache, so you need to think of something else.” My wife angrily handed me a dustpan and a dead rat was lying on that. The smell was too bad to resist so I quickly went out and threw the dead rat out.

“The rats of this house are munching everything as if they have got that as gifts from their in laws, I’m not at all in a mood to stay in this mouse house anymore.” This time my wife was pretty serious about her decision and even I also started putting focus on that. Despite all the facts there was one more truth which was hanging in front of me and that was the shifting expense so I tried to console my wife.

“Let us give one more try and get a solution to this problem.” I softly asked my wife.

“It is me who has to stay in this mouse house for the entire day and clean those blackish mouse shits which you will find everywhere in the house. You will leave for your work in an hour and you will be out for the entire day so you barely might be finding this problem considerate enough to get a solution.” My wife was a bit high on her tone this time.

I left for the work and I decided to consult my pest control friend for one last time and get a foolproof solution to this problem.

“You better suggest something better this time as all your plans have failed and my house has become a mouse house.” I asked my friend.

“Why don’t you get a proper pest control thing done at your house, we will do proper pest inspection and we will also defog your house so as to all the unwanted creatures leave your house. My friend shared a small demo so as to how the pest control would be done.

“It seems expensive.” I asked my friend.

“Yes, but it will cost you much lesser than the shifting cost.” My friend answered me wittingly and it was very much convincing for me as well.

We fixed a day and on that day the team from my friends pest control shop came and they did every single thing which they could do like fixing the mouse trap, spilling rat balls, defogging and what not. The smell of the house because of defogging and other pest liquids became unbearable for both of us so we decided that we would stay at our brother’s house for a day or a two and then we would return back.

It was approximately 2 months post the pest control activity, me and my wife were going to market. My pest control friend caught me from back.

“Hi, how are you doing? You have not been to shop for a while so it seems that the pest control has worked well.” My friend asked me.

I and my wife were looking at each other so as to what should be the answer for the question but I took the onus and replied him back.

“We actually shifted from that house to another house.” I replied him back and found my friend scratching his head. Now it seems he must be finding an excuse to leave.

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