Ramesh entered his house and sat on the sofa .He kept his office bag aside; Kiran came with a glass of water and handed it to Ramesh.

Ramesh kept the glass on the table and said “The education loan for Rahul got sanctioned, bank called up today to inform me.” Ramesh was happy and he had a valid reason for that, his son Rahul could go abroad now for higher studies now.

Kiran was also happy with the news but she was also worried about the finances at the same time. “It’s great news indeed, but don’t you think this higher education will cost a lot and you barely have savings for the post retirement livelihood.” Kiran was having mixed emotions she was happy and at the same time she was worried as well.

Ramesh got up from the sofa he picked up the glass of water and said “You worry a lot, everything will be fine and moreover we do have time to save money for the future.”

Ramesh has always kept Rahul’s future on the top priority be it is Rahul’s studies or sports, everything for Rahul has to be the best of the world and Ramesh has always stretched his limits for giving the best of the possible amenities. It was a both sided response as Rahul was a bright child and he always use to come with good scores in his academics and he was fairly active in the sports as well. This use to motivate Ramesh for stretching his limitation to provide best of the amenities to his only son but this was somehow hitting Ramesh’s finance as he was getting buried in various loans for which his wife Kiran was majorly concerned. Ramesh was in  a stable job but his earnings was not enough for his expenses, despite all these problems Ramesh always kept all other things aside and focused only on the future of his son.

Ramesh was getting ready for the office and Kiran was in the kitchen, “Kiran, bring my breakfast I’m getting late for the office.”

 Ramesh and Rahul both were sitting on the dining table waiting for their breakfast. Rahul said to Ramesh “Papa, I forgot to tell you there is an online course coming up and I want to get myself enrolled into it.”

“All right, we will discuss it in the evening.” Ramesh nodded in an assertive way as always, none of the Rahul’s demand goes in vain.

Kiran entered the room with the breakfast and she asked “Rahul, the online course where in you are planning to enroll yourself, is it important or can you avoid it?” 

Rahul said “Yes mummy, I can do it later.”

Ramesh interrupted “Why later”?

Kiran said “Later, because we are running short of money, Rahul will be travelling abroad next month. It will require money and we are exactly on a hand to mouth position, what if something happens to any of us we are not even in a position to afford a normal clinic at this point forget about a proper hospital?”

Ramesh looked at Kiran and said “Stay positive, things will be fine and remember one thing. Illness comes to only those who can afford it and we don’t come under that category. Right now the future of my son is calling him and I know nothing will come in between”. Ramesh always use to give these kind of illogical reasons to conclude the debate.

Rahul’s shopping was on the full swing, it looks as if Ramesh will spend his entire months’ salary on one go for Rahul’s foreign trip. Ramesh and Rahul both were very excited, Kiran also got into their happiness and kept her worries aside. Ramesh came from the office and sat on the sofa after keeping his office bag aside, it was almost 11.30 in the night.

Kiran brought a glass of water; she gave the glass to Ramesh and sat next to him. “Why are you exerting yourself so very much, what is the point of doing so much of over time”? Kiran was worried about Ramesh as few overtimes converted into frequent overtimes these days and he was doing it only to increase his earnings so that he can fulfill Rahul’s requirement. Ramesh was very tired and he was sitting like a statue listening to Kiran complaining about his carelessness. Suddenly Ramesh realized that the face of Kiran was getting blurred and voice was also not hitting his ear buds properly and he was getting into an unconscious state.

Ramesh opened his eyes, he was lying on the hospital bed he found Kiran on one side of his bed along with Rahul. Doctor and a nurse were on another side of the bed, “How are you feeling Mr. Ramesh”? Doctor asked Ramesh

Ramesh nodded his head and said “I’m ok” in a very low voice. Doctor smiled and said “You had a mild stroke Mr Ramesh but it could have been a major one if you were not being brought to the hospital on time, take good care of yourself”. The doctor left the room, nurse came close to Kiran and she said “Your husband is out of danger now, take good care of him” and the nurse left the room.

Rahul came closer to Ramesh and he sat closer to his father holding one of his hand, Kiran came and asked Ramesh “How are you feeling now?”

Ramesh took a look around the hospital was appearing to be on the costlier side he asked Kiran “How did you manage all of it”? Suddenly Ramesh found that gold bangles and necklace was missing from Kiran’s hand and neck, “Where are your bangles and necklace?”

Kiran replied “You answered your own question; this was how everything got managed”.

“Papa I’m cancelling my foreign studies as it is costing us a lot and I’ve decided to stay with both of you and pursue my further studies here only”. Rahul said and tightened his grip on his father’s hand which he was holding.

Ramesh was speechless he turned his contact from Rahul to Kiran he found Kiran’s eyes were wet, she said “It is good that you are very serious about Rahul’s future but at the same time we all should be ready for the rainy days and our savings helps us to provide shelter during these days. We cannot afford to lose you at all by any means or any chance, so you need to take good care of yourself as well”. Tears rolled out of Ramesh’s eyes he took hold of Kiran’s hand from his one hand and turned his head towards the window of the hospital ward. It was a bright sunny day and it seems as if that ray of sun has taught a clear lesson of importance of savings to Ramesh, keeping the expenses lower than earnings and being realistic in future planning. “A penny saved is worth penny earned”.

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