Story Of A Soldier’s Family.

Story Of A Soldier’s Family.

The phone rang and Sameera came out of kitchen to answer the phone. She picked up the receiver of the phone and said “Hello, who is this?” There was silence on the other side as nobody on the other end was saying anything but Sameera understood that it is none other than her soul mate Sameer.

She said “How come you got time in the morning to call me?”

There was a laughter on the other side, Sameer understood that he was being caught by his wife and said “How come you realized that it is me on the other side of the phone?”

Sameera replied very wisely “You are forgetting that you are speaking with a wife of a defense officer and moreover I know you from childhood so please don’t try your tricks on me.”

“Ok, Mrs Defense officer’s wife. I just wanted to tell you that I’m coming home as my commanding officer has sanctioned my 1 week leave.” Sameer said in a very low voice but Sameera screamed loudly out of excitement.

“Oh my god, you made my day. It has been almost 1 year since I’ve seen you and it is not just me who have missed you badly but it is your entire family your parents, your daughter everyone.” Sameera could not control her emotions and tears rolled out of her eyes.

“Why are you crying Mummy and who is there on the phone?” It was Meera, 18 year old daughter of Sameer and Sameera. Meera came and stood in front of her mother and her mother passed on the receiver to her daughter and stood near her.

“Hello, who is this?” Meera took the receiver and tried to enquire.

“Hello, princess. How are you doing my child?” Sameer asked her

“Papa, Oh my god it is you. I’m doing well but your princess misses you a lot and your princess wants to see her papa as soon as possible.” Meera was sounding like a commanding officer to her father.

Sameer replied “Your wish is my command, I’m coming home on this Sunday.”

“This Sunday, means day after tomorrow, oh my god oh my god. I’m so thrilled and excited.” Meera’s excitement to see and meet her father was very much evident in her voice.

“My child you need to control your excitement for today and tomorrow, I’ll be there on day after tomorrow and will do all short of exciting things. But now I need to go so I’m hanging up the phone.” Sameer replied and asked his commanding officer alias daughter for the permission.

“Permission granted officer. I love you Papa.” Sameer got the permission and kept the receiver by replying her back “Love you my child, see you soon.”

Meera was on cloud nine and ran towards the living room to inform her grandparents about the news. Everyone in the family was excited with the arrival of Sameer after all he was coming after almost 1 year.

The entire family got up in the preparation for welcoming the family’s most missed member. Sameera and her mother in law got into the preparation of Sameer’s favorite delicacies, Sameer’s father got into the task of finding his son’s favorite wine. Meera got up in planning a family reunion on the occasion of her father’s arrival.

Everyone in the family was equally happy and all of them were trying to create a grand welcome occasion for Sameer collectively but the fate had something else to unfold in front of the family. The phone rang next morning.

Sameera picked up the receiver and said “Hello, who is this?”

“Hello, I’m commanding officer of Mr. Sameer’s battalion may I know with whom I’m speaking with?” the person on the other end asked Sameera.

“I’m his wife, is everything ok?” this time there was a sense of fear in her voice.

“With profound grief and sorrow I would like to inform you that Mr. Sameer is no more with us and he lost his life performing duties for his country.” It was the officer on the other end.

The entire world came crashing down in front of Sameera as the news was very hard to believe. She thought that it might be some of Sameer’s friend so she tried to confirm. “Are you joking?”

“Sorry Mam, it is not a joke. Mr Sameer is no more and this is a truth. Sorry for your loss.” The officer disconnected the phone.

It was a deep loss for the entire family as their Sameer have left everyone and the saddest part of the fact was that the family who was preparing for welcoming him will now be preparing for departing him and that too the final departure.

Sameer kept his promise of visiting his house on Sunday but the way of his visit made every one cry, the body was being handed over to the family with full dignity.

Sameera was standing in front of her husband’s body and she kept on touching her husband’s body, his eyes, his lips, his hair, his cheek as she knew that after some time she would not be able touch her husband ever.

Sameer’s parents came close to their son body which was lying without any movement. This is the toughest part for any parent’s life to find their child in such a state but being the only man left in the family, Sameer’s father decided that he would not let any of his family member cry.

“Sameer is a martyr, he has not gone anywhere and he will be in the heart of every countrymen. The entire country will celebrate his sacrifice for his country as a martyr.” Sameer’s father tried consoling the family member.

Meera stepped forward and took an oath by touching her father’s body that she will become like her father and she will also become a defense officer one day.

Sameer’s funeral ceremony started and each of his family member was wearing a sense of pride despite knowing the fact that their most beloved son, husband and father will never return back in their lives. It is wisely said that “The day a family member joins the military the entire family becomes a part of the military force.”

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