The Wheelchair Girl

The Wheelchair Girl

Ikcha was lying on the bed, there was hardly any movement in her body. Her body was surrounded by group of doctors and hospital staff. She had an accident where in the truck hit her scooter while she was returning from her office. Her leg was badly injured and there was a possibility that the doctor could remove the damage portion of the leg and replace it with an artificial one.

It took complete 2 days for Ikcha to gain consciousness, she was surrounded by family members, doctor and nurse.

“How are you feeling my child?” Ikcha’s mother asked her and in return she just moved her head in affirmation mode.

“I know my child she will be fine very soon.” Her father said with teary eyes.

“You take rest and do let us know if you want anything.” The doctor said while examining her and the doctor left.

“I want to use washroom.” Ikcha asked her mother.

“Ok, let me ask the nurse for that.” Her mother replied.

Though the body and the senses were not in complete form to create any kind of reflex but Ikcha was bit surprised when she found her mother going out and coming along with a nurse and a wheelchair.

“It is all right, I don’t need wheelchair, and I can walk to the washroom.” Ikcha showed her willingness and tried to get up.

“You lost your legs in the accident my child so you would be needing it.” Her mother revealed it to her which was later being realised by the Ikcha as well that she lost both her legs.

Both mother and daughter held each other tightly and started crying as both of them were very much uncertain about the future but this was something which was irreversible.

Ikcha was kept under observation for few more weeks and after a month time she got discharged from the hospital. The most charming girl of the family was now a charmless girl, stressed and slowly getting under the skin of depression.

Her parents were aware of the change and it could happen to anyone, it was very much like a free bird who loved flying has now got the wings clipped off and the free bird cannot fly ever.

The parents did not wanted her child to suffer due to depression so they kept on charging her up time and again but every time they do it they had to face failure.

Ikcha was becoming more of a lonely child sitting on a wheel chair and looking outside the window. This became her everyday routine wherein she looks outside the windows for hours and hours with a saddened face.

One evening as usual Ikcha was sitting on her wheelchair and deeply engrossed in her thoughts suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. She found it was her parents, tears were flowing down from their eyes.

“Let’s end up our lives as the life now has become meaningless for all of us.” Her father said and handed a bottle of poison to Ikcha for which she was surprised a bit.

“What are you saying Papa, It is not correct at all.” Ikcha was knowing the reason behind it but she was finding herself helpless, she tried to console her father.

“What else should I say, we both cannot see you living like a dead body which neither have any movement nor does it have any expression.” Her father said sobbingly.

“What should I do because I’m clueless right now?” Ikcha asked her father.

“My child your name is Ikcha which means will in english and your father’s name i.e my name is Shakti which means power in english and if you combine both of them you can create wonders through your will or rather I should say our willpower.” Ikcha’s father tried to motivate his child who was deep down in depression.

“How?” Ikcha wanted to know the plan of her father as she did felt a bit of motivation after hearing the words of her father.

“You were taking sessions on personality development and I want you to start doing it again, the only difference would be that this time you would be doing it on an online platform. You would be using your expertise to keep a standard situation and I’ll be shooting it and both of us will be posting videos on all the online and social media platforms.” Her father tried showing his child a path towards her future.

“An individual whose own personality got distorted would be giving lectures and online session on personality development.” It seems Ikcha was not convinced with the idea of her father and it was evident through her statement.

“That is the biggest twist my child, just imagine how you would feel if you succeed in changing an individual’s life through your session and make him/her fit to face the challenges and dont forget the task is being done by the one who herself is physically challenged.” Ikcha’s father Shakti was having complete excitement in his voice.

“No, papa I don’t think it is a great idea. People will make fun of me.” Ikcha was in full mood to drop the idea

“If you really care for us you will have to do it.” This time it was her mother who intervened into the situation.

The discussion between three of them went a bit long but finally the parents were successful in convincing their suppressed and depressed child.

The stage was set and Ikcha was all set to start the session with her father , they created one of the room in their house into a studio and the shoot was with help of handycam but while shooting  Ikcha realized that her father is shooting from quite a distance and the shoot might also cover the wheelchair.

“Papa, please be careful while capturing the session as I think you are also covering the wheel chair by mistake.” Ikcha pointed her father and tried correcting it.

“I know my child and I’m doing it with a purpose, a purpose which might also give a sense of living to any other depressed child. This act of mine might change the approach of an individual towards his/her life after watching a girl trying to take session on wheel chair.” Ikcha felt a positive energy oozing within after her father tried to create a positive environment around her.

The video was shot and it was posted across the social and online media platforms, this did gave a pinch of energy to Ikcha but unfortunately that did not lasted for long.

“It has been more than a week but there are only 7 views so far with no likes.” Ikcha shared with her father and she was disheartened.

“It is only Ikcha + Shakti i.e ikchashakti or rather I should say willpower of an individual which pushes even a failure to take a step towards success and become an inspiration for everyone in future. Don’t let your willpower die so easily.” Her father tried to motivate her and asked to prepare for another session.

The father daughter duo kept on shooting videos and kept on posting it on various social and online platform. The views of the videos increased and slowly the videos started gaining likes as well. In every video Ikcha use to keep a small session on willpower and all her videos were named with hashtag willpower.

Slowly and steadily the #willpower videos started trending all over and Ikcha became the talk of the town. The wheelchair part was more motivating to everyone and it was so appealing that it was being liked by a news channel and the same channel prepared a show on her stating “Wheelchair girl changing the mental paradigm.” The show gained enough popularity to make Ikcha’s videos most liked videos of the platform.

The free bird was gaining her wings back which got cluttered and the parents were happy finding their child getting back to a routine of normalcy.

It is wisely said “Where there is a will there is definitely a way perhaps tomorrow if not today.”

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