“Are you listening, next month is Karvachawth (an indian festivity in which the wife fasts and pray for the wellbeing of her husband). I hope you are aware of it.” Moni asked her husband karan in a very compassionate way. “Last year you promised me of a diamond necklace but I had to settle it with bangles but this time it won’t work so I’m reminding you in advance.”

“Yes I do remember that this year it is diamond necklace as your karvachawth gift, anything else do you need?” Karan smiled and answered his wife and left for his office, he was getting late for his work.

Time passed and only few days were remaining in Karvachawth. One fine day Karan was working in his office one of his colleague asked him “Can you handle my work for few days as I’m planning for few days leave and you know if the work gets stuck the boss won’t approve my leave.”

“No worries I’ll take care of it, are you going anywhere?” Karan asked his colleague.

“Yes I’m visiting to my in-laws place as this year my wife planned to celebrate the Karvachawth there only” colleague answered Karan.

This word Karvachawth got Karan in fix as he had promised Moni for a diamond necklace this time and the bank account was about to give a warning of minimum balance. “Why does the festivals come during the last week of month when the salary is about to get over?” This thought went by Karan’s mind.

Karan reached his house in the evening after finishing his work and as usual Moni opened the door with a smiling face but today along with a smile there were few questions and karan can observe it but he tried to ignore her for escaping any awkward situation. He finished his dinner and straightaway went to his bedroom he was trying his best to ignore any type of encounter with Moni but this was not possible after all both of them were sharing a common roof.

“What is the matter? I can sense that you are avoiding me” Moni asked Karan. “No, there is nothing like this I’m just a bit exhausted due to work.” Karan answered Moni with a grounded head he was not even keeping an eye contact with Moni while talking.

“Ok, so do you still remember my promise which you made with me for Karvachawth?” Moni asked him.

“Which Promise” Karan tried to take the conversation in some other direction but he failed.

“Diamond necklace” this time there was anger in the words of Moni.

“Ok, Diamond necklace for Karvachawth there is still lot of time left for it” Karan answered in low tone.

“So you mean to say you will gift me on that day itself, you know how many jewellery shop I’ve to go for finding a nice necklace after all it is my first diamond necklace.”

“How much a necklace would cost?” Karan asked Moni.

“You leave the price of it just give me your Card as I’m planning to start going for window shopping from tomorrow onwards and if I find anything suitable then I would purchase it, anyhow price of a normal diamond necklace starts from 80 thousand, so how much is the balance in your account ?”

It will start from 80 thousand and god knows how much this necklace would cost Karan got worried as he was having only 53 thousand in his account and one more monthly EMI of 23 thousand is about to knock his account during the last week of the month.

Karan replied “Right now there is not enough balance in my account but he would manage it somehow in few days and she can buy a beautiful necklace for herself.”

Moni’s temper got high the moment she heard Karan and furiously answered him “Every year I have to settle with only fake promises.” Moni just walked away from the room, it was a complete awkward situation for Karan and there was nothing wrong in her saying as every time she has to settle with fake promises. Karan also felt bad about it as he was in fix, when 80% of the salary goes for EMIs then necklace of 80 thousand becomes an impossible gift.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc and time passed by and Karvachawth arrived but Karan failed to manage the money, he asked few of his colleagues but he failed to arrange money for the necklace which he had promised to his wife.

He was having his breakfast and was thinking of the way to arrange money but suddenly his strings of thought got interrupted when Moni said “I’ve dropped the idea of necklace and I’ve thought of purchasing a diamond ring which would cost approximately 25 thousand.” 25 thousand was also sounding a bit higher for karan at this moment as the EMI of 23 thousand has not reached the door steps of Karan’s bank account but he said “Ok, I’ll give you the money once I’m back from the office.”

“Tomorrow is the Karvachawth and I’m over burdened with work so you better keep your money with yourself.” Moni angrily walked away from the room and Karan also left for his office.

Karan was having a hope that he would somehow arrange the money and would give it to Moni for her gift but all his efforts went in vain, “Oh Lord make out some way so that I can fulfill her demand” Karan was in his deep thought then suddenly one of his colleague patted his back and said “It’s 8’o clock don’t you have to leave for your house?” Karan got up from his work table and left for the house. He reached the society but he was not willing to enter his house empty handed so he parked his car and sat on the bench of his society’s park. He was in deep thought but the mobile rang and all the blocks of thought collapsed when he saw Moni calling him up, it was 10.30 pm. He put the mobile on silent mode as he knew he was not having any answer for the Moni’s question.

Another hour passed and it was 11.30 pm and Karan was completely lost in his complaining thought of not fulfilling his wife’s demand.

“Why are you sitting here, and why are you not coming upstairs?” It was Moni a surprise to Karan but he also knew that if you close your eyes that does not mean that problem will surpass you.

“I was about to come to the house but I found it a bit relaxing here so I thought of sitting here for a while.” Karan replied her.

“Atleast do not lie to me, I found your car parked here while returning back from shopping and it’s been almost 2 hours since I returned back from shopping.” Moni countered her husband.

Karan was speechless but he tried to distract the conversation by saying “Shopping, what shopping?”

“I bought myself few things for tomorrow and relax you do not need to stress about my ring anymore.” Moni’s statement gave a huge relief to Karan. Moni came and sat on the bench next to Karan, she holded his hand and rested her head on the shoulder of Karan.

“It is sad to know that you got into stress because of my demand and you chose to sit here in dark all alone, it was just a ring a decorative piece but not as valuable as you. Remember one thing that nothing in this world can replace you and keep this thing in your mind for your entire life.”

Tears rolled out from Karan’s eyes as he could feel a sense of affection and value for their togetherness as it is wisely said that “Togetherness is a wonderful place to be.”

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