Mahatma Gandhi went from one place to other from one town to other and touched down even the smallest of the village for the sake of fund collection of Charkha Sangh. The incident is during his tour to Orissa for the same cause.

Mahatma Gandhi gave his speech and after his speech a poor woman stood up, she was quite elderly and her grey hairs and wrinkles on her face could easily define her age. The clothes were torn and dirty and the clothes were torn up to that extent that on only hand stitched patches were seen everywhere. She went ahead to approach Mahatma Gandhi but a volunteer stopped her in midway after looking at her appearance but she was well determined on her thoughts and she said to the volunteer “I must see him as I also want to contribute something in his cause.”

The volunteer allowed that old lady and she reached near to Mahatma Gandhi she bowed down and showed her respect to him, she took a copper coin out from the folds of her sari and offered that copper coin on the feet of Mahatma Gandhi. The gesture of the lady impressed Mahatma Gandhi and he took that copper coin and kept it very carefully.

The entire funds for Charkha Sangh was being taken care of by Jamnalal Bajaj so he asked Gandhiji for that copper coin but Gandhiji refused to give it to Jamnalal Ji. This behavior of Gandhiji got Jamnalaji in trauma and he eventually asked him a question “I take care of cheques and funds worth thousands and thousands for Charkha Sangh.” Jamnalalji laughingly said “Yet it seems you do not trust me to hand over this copper coin.”

Mahatma Gandhi replied Jamnalal Bajaj “This coin is more precious than those thousand as those thousand is a piece of sacrifice which we have received from others but if you talk about this coin than that lady was having only this possession which she sacrificed for this cause. What a great sacrifice she made, which is why I value this copper coin more than the cheques worth thousands.”