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Monday blues is a common syndrome with every employee and so is with me, but one Monday this syndrome reached its peak and forced me to think for bunking the office. I was working with a food distribution agency and Monday and Saturday are two days of the week wherein the work load is very high in comparison to other week days and taking an off during these two days is very difficult. [read more]

I got up from my bed and sat on the sofa in a relaxed mode as i was getting ways to find out a solid excuse for my boss so that I can avoid the office today.

“Are you not getting late for your work?” My wife asked me

“Not exactly, as I think my body needs one more day of rest.” I replied

She came near to me out of concern and placed her hand on my forehead to check the probability of fever but the body temperature was normal as there was no fever.

“You seem to be ok, then why are you skipping your office?” My interrogating officer asked me, normally in every house the wife stays the interrogating officer and the husband remains the culprit.

I remained quiet for a while and thought that i should plan something in such a way that I do not get to face my interrogating officer neither and nor should be leaving for work.

“Look at the weather outside, it is such a pleasant weather outside and do not you think we should plan something outside like movie or shopping?” It was a googly from my side

“Yes, you are very correct and we should definitely plan something.” It was an out and the googly was a success.

“But I’m failing to find a proper excuse so that my boss grants me to take leave today.” I was seriously confused. I asked my wife to find a proper excuse as ladies are very smart in this department as per me.

She took my mobile phone and dialled my boss, I was clueless about her doing but she asked me to remain quiet and watch.

“Hello Vijay Sir, how are you doing?” to my surprise she literally dialled my boss from the mobile and started the conversation. My boss knows my wife as both of our families have met in few official occasions and exchanged pleasantries.

“Sir, today Rahul would not be coming to office as he is really ill and the doctor has advised him a complete bed rest for one entire day.” It was my wife trying to explain to my boss by giving and false excuse and the matter of surprise was that, my boss got convinced and granted my leave. She winked and gave my mobile phone back to me.

“Let’s get a cup of coffee for ourselves and plan the entire day.” She left for kitchen and left me a headache as I was not at all in a mood to go out and leave bed. I was in a full mood to spread myself on the bed like a bed sheet and enjoy the TV.

I wish that it rains like hell and the entire road gets waterlogged, I realised that my second consecutive wish got fulfilled. The first wish was of getting the leave granted from my boss on Monday and the second was to get in a situation where in none of us talk of going out. It started raining and that too it was raining like hell. I was in my balcony and was in full surprise to witness it.

“Oh no, why is it raining?” my wife came and handed me the cup of coffee with a sheer disappointment after witnessing the rain. I was smiling but the smile was internal as you cannot show your smiling teeth in front of your disappointed wife, it holds a risk of getting broken, I sympathised my wife and asked to prepare an amazing meal.

During shower itself I decided which web series do I need to finish today, and with full excitement I got my food and went inside my room and started setting to the web series. The door bell rang but I ignored as I thought it must be maid or someone from neighbour.

My wife went and opened the door it was my boss on the door. My wife welcomed my boss and he captured a position in the sofa.

My wife came and switched off the TV and took my food plate from my hand, I thought that my wish did not lasted for too long and the rain must have stopped outside.

“Your boss is here to see you so better get inside the bed and act as if you are not well.” My wife whispered, my eyebrows spread wide with full wrinkles on my forehead.

I got into the bed and covered myself with a blanket, my boss came inside the room and asked me about my well being. I nodded and said “It is better now.”

“I realised this morning that I should personally get involve into the well being of my employees as i realise that the work burden has increased in our office these days but it is a matter of few days as i have asked the HR to appoint few more resources so that my existing employee maintains a work life balance.”

For the first time I really loved my boss for his caring concern but unfortunately the situation was not appropriate. The caring boss kept his tune on and it was like a one sided nonstop conversation from my boss for approximately 5 hours which I or to be very precise every subordinate is habitual of. I got so bugged up with this conversation that I later thought that it would have been much better if I would have gone to office and saved my one sick leave which went for a toss.

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