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It was a beautiful morning in the defense cantonment area and especially for Mr. Dsouza the morning was more special. Mr Dsouza was getting promoted today to the position of chief of defense. [read more]

Mr. Dsouza was dressed exactly like a newly appointed cadet and moreover the defense personal keep themselves very neat and clean in every aspect from dress to shoes and from hair to moustache everything of theirs stay in perfect shape.

On another side of the cantonment area Patrick was also getting ready for his duty, he was the driver of Mr. Dsouza. Patrick was staying with his son Harry, his wife died due to cancer few months back only and it was becoming very difficult for him to handle the outside and inside responsibility of the house.

“Papa, can you please drop me to the school as I’m getting late for my school.” Harry asked his father.

“No, I myself will be late and my officer will never spare me for it as he is very punctual, disciplined and strict for his routine.” Patrick replied his son.

“Ok, How about if you pick up your officer and drop me then as my school would be in midway itself.” Harry requested his father as he was worried that he might have to miss his first class standing outside the class if he gets late. Harry was an average child busy in his own business of doing nothing and just wandering uselessly. Earlier his mother use to control him and his activity but now when his mother is no more he was more like a free bird.

“I’m not sure about it but let us try, my officer might not like you in his car as he is very strict for his particulars.” Patrick said to his son.

“I know your officer is very strict but today he is getting promoted and rewarded so today he might be in a lighter mood.” Harry wittingly tried to convince his father.

Both of them left for the house of Mr, Dsouza, and the car reached the entrance of the house, Patrick asked Harry to get down from the car and asked him to wait. Patrick opened the door of the car for Mr. Dsouza.

“Good Morning Sir” Patrick greeted his officer softly and in the return of that he got a nod from his officer with a small “hmmm”.

“Sir if you don’t mind can my son accompany us as he is getting late for his school and his school falls midway.” Patrick requested his officer.

“Yes sure, why not.” Mr Dsouza agreed to the request of his driver and all three of them left for their respective destinations.

“Good Morning Sir” Harry greeted Mr. Dsouza

“Good Morning son, why are you late for your school?” Mr. Dsouza asked Harry and a small conversation started between two of them but Patrick was scared a bit as he knew his officer is very strict and disciplined. Mr Dsouza looks forward for very specific replies to his questions.

“I woke up a bit late due to which I got late for my school.” Harry answered

“Did you slept on time or did you slept late?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“Sir, actually I got a new comic book and it was so fun reading it that I did not realized the time and it was quite late by the time I went to bed.”

Mr Dsouza did not liked the careless attitude of Harry and if it would have been someone else than he would have certainly received something harsh from Mr Dsouza but since Harry was of acquaintance and moreover the awaited promotion got him lighter. Mr Dsouza ignored this attitude of Harry. 

“Son, do you have any goal in your life?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

Harry replied “I’m just 15 and I’m too young to decide my goal.”

Harry’s casual answer irked Mr Dsouza a bit more and at the same time the situation was getting Pattrick numb as Pattrick knew that any casual reply will get his son a left right and centre from his officer.

“What do you mean by just 15 son, if you hold a carefree attitude like this you will head nowhere in your life?” Mr Dsouza’s voice was turning from soft to firm but he realised that he is the commanding officer of his driver Pattrick not his son Harry, so he preferred to keep quiet.

There was a complete silence inside the car for a while but Patrick was worried a bit as he has witnessed these types of silence a lot many times and he has also faced the post silence consequences.

All three reached school and the car stopped, Harry got off from the car and to the biggest surprise Mr Dsouza also got off from the car. This went as a matter of surprise for Patrick.

“Just stand there my son and Patrick can you please come out of the car, I need to talk to your son.” Mr Dsouza asked Harry and Patrick. Now it was a real matter of worry for Patrick as Mr. Dosuza asked him to stand parallel to him in front of Harry.

“Can you differentiate between both of us?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“You are commanding officer of my father and there is a difference of rank between both of you.” Harry replied straight.

“Ok, can you share anything common between us?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“No I do not find anything common between both of you apart from the fact that both of you are defense personal serving for a common cause to safeguard our country.” Harry was very straight this time too.

“There are lot of things common between me and your father, if you don’t know then let me tell you that we come from the same village with the same background and in fact both of us share the same school rather I should say your father comes from more privilege background as your grandfather was village head and my father was just a normal farmer.” Mr Dsouza was very firm and there was a sense of pride in his voice for his achievement.”

This took Harry for a surprise ride as he was not aware of it at all that his father and his father’s commanding officer comes from the same place and one is getting to the position of Defense Head and other is just a mere driver.

“It was just a goal which I determined at a very younger age and to your surprise I was just 10 when I decided that I would become a defense officer and a much disciplined approach towards my goal got me here. I’m not a self-praising person but I also do not want to miss in showing what I achieved in my life and the process of that achievement.” Mr Dsouza explained it to Harry.

There was a silence amongst three as Harry was speechless, Patrick’s head was grounded and Mr Dsouza’s head was heading high.

“I’m sorry Patrick if I’ve said something wrong but my son get a goal in your life and create a disciplined approach towards it.” Mr Dsouza patted Harry’s arm.

“No sir, whatever you said is completely correct, now I think we should move now.” Patrick answered his commanding officer and both of them left.

Harry was standing clueless but this incident changed Harry from within and his perspective for his life. Now changed Harry is all set to determine his goal and the process for attaining it in a disciplined form.

The change in the life can come anytime irrespective of age and there is no harm in adopting that change if it is for self-betterment.

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