I’m Sorry !!!

I’m Sorry !!!

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Sophie finished her guitar class and she was coming out, the moment she stepped out of her class it started raining heavily. Sophie had a very bitter feeling for the rain but unlike her Richard liked the rain a lot. The rain was still pouring like hell few of the students stepped out and started dancing and splashing water on each other, Richard was among them. Sophie was an introvert girl and she never use to converse much with others but Richard being her neighbor had separate bond with her. [read more]

Richard shifted to Sophie’s society few years back and later on they discovered that both of them shared same school bus, school class and guitar class. Richard broke the ice by introducing himself when they met on the society’s New Year function even Sophie accepted his introduction but being an introvert the conversation was very less from her side.

“Sophie why don’t you come and join us?” Richard invited Sophie for rain dance but Sophie out rightly rejected his invitation “No, I’m fine and I don’t like rain so you can carry on with your dance.”

Sophie was standing and watching Richard dancing, she liked him but never confessed it and it seems that she would never ever confess it in her life. Richard, energetic and full of life and extra extrovert was also in love with Sophie but alike usual boys he was confused a bit. He thought to propose her during last valentine day but dropped the idea due to his confused state of mind.

“What if she rejects my proposal I might lose my friendship also”.

“What if she is in relationship with other, I might hurt her”.

“What if she complaints to her and my parents about it?”

Lot of “what” came in the mind and forced Richard to drop the idea of proposing her, but today he was firm and determined to disclose his message and somewhere he witnessed aheartwarming messages for him as well in the eyes of Sophie.

Rain stopped, boys and girls who were dancing in the rain were completely wet. Richard came and picked his guitar which was lying in front of Sophie.

“It has stopped, shall we?” Richard asked Sophie. Both of them started walking towards their home.

“It seems it will rain again.” Richard looked at sky and said it to Sophie.

The entire expression of the Sophie changed within a fraction of second. Sophie didn’t even like someone discussing rain, Sophie’s level of hatred was extreme with rain. The reason was deep buried inside her heart and it was killing her like a slow poison, slow but extremely painful.

“Who doesn’t like rain; this is a beautiful piece of gift to human kind from nature.” Richard said it to Sophie to which she angrily replied “I don’t like it at all.”

 She was angry and Richard thought it better to change the topic. “Let’s have a cup of coffee.” Richard asked Sophie.

Sophie kept on walking without uttering a single word. “I don’t like people who hold sympathy for me, so you better leave it. I’m completely fine and I don’t want any coffee.” Richard was taken aback and he asked her “What is that in your mind which keeps on bothering you all the time”. Sophie replied “It is nothing.”

Their regular conversation use to be very formal and normally it use to involve around their school activities as there was no space for their personal conversation and she being introvert while he being confused. Richard often felt that something is hurting Sophie deeply but he being a boy and she being a girl formed a barriers due to which none of them entered in anybody’s personal space.

Today the confused Richard was determined and very clear on his thoughts. Richard went ahead and stood in front of Sophie blocking her way “I want to know what is hurting you and why can’t you disclose it to me and believe me you will feel better and relieved after that.” Sophie never expected this kind of behavior from Richard; she passed by him and said “Who told you that I’m hurt?”

Richard hold her wrist “It is very clear from your face and anyone in this world can guess it so please don’t lie it to me.” She was very furious with his act, “Leave me and let me go.” Sophie asked Richard to leave her hand.

“Not this time, you need to answer my question. We have been friends from such a long time and don’t you think I deserve to know this?” Richard asked Sophie for which she replied “Richard, listen the very first thing I’m completely fine secondly we are just school or class mates and not best of friends, so leave my hand and let me go as it is none of your business.” Richard was speechless he left her hand to let her go, he was standing speechless and she left with lots of questions to hammer Richard’s mind.

She closed her door and lied on the bed, she cried and cried as she didn’t want anyone to peep into her miseries but at the same time she also don’t want to let Richard go from her life after all she liked him.

It was a reception party at the society and both the lovebirds were there at the party and both of them were badly hurt. Richard decided to give up his persuasion and take it as a lost love, he also decided to change his guitar class timing and use bicycle instead of bus for going to school so that he can avoid her. He was considering as her love life but she did not even consider as her friend, this did not went well in Richard.

Both of them came to the party so that it might change their mind which was hurting them badly but the boring party failed to change the array of their thoughts and coincidently they thought to leave the party at the same time.

Sophie noticed Richard walking ahead, she thought to call him and stop him and say that she loves him badly but she cannot disclose it to her but at the same time she also knew that if she did not stop him he will walk away from her life. She collected all the courage and called him “Richard.” Richard was not aware that Sophie is behind her but he recognized her voice and stopped.

“Richard, I’m extremely sorry for my today’s behavior as I realized that I should not behave in such a way with you.” Sophie was just flowing with the flow and today it looked as if she will break the entire barriers that have stopped her so far.

 Richard said “It is ok, I can understand but as a human gesture I again want to ask you. What is it bothering you?” Sophie paused for a while but she collected all the courage from within “I’m a rape victim and it is only you who knows it apart from me and that animal who spoiled me.”

Richard was clueless and was standing like a statue with no reaction; both of them were standing still with no action or reaction. Rain started pouring and moved both of them, Sophie broke the pin drop silent situation “It was raining that day, and I know that you love me and I also want to tell you that I’m also in love with you but I don’t think we should carry it further”.

 The words were like a hot and melting iron getting into Richard’s ear. Sophie thought to leave the place by saying “I’m Sorry.” [/read]

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