Johny Kept Walking

Johny Kept Walking

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It is a story of Johny residing in a small countryside village, it is a story of an individual who has kept on taking all the challenges thrown by his life and winning them over and over again, it is a story of a person whose philosophy says that one should keep on walking. [read more]

Johny was living in a small countryside village along with his father David and mother Nina, he had a younger brother Tony. The villagers were not much educated and they were barely giving importance to education in their life. The villagers were happily engrossed in their own life and alike others David was also sailing the same boat.

David was a small time carpenter who use to collect wood from the forest and carve them into beautiful toys which were being picked by the city based traders. The traders use to exploit the unawareness of villagers by buying products at a very low price and selling the same product at high price. The villagers were not aware about the practice of the traders. Traders were taking undue advantage of the illiteracy of villagers.

But Johny was not part of the crowd and he decided to change the fate of his own and the entire village. He decided to pursue his education and wanted to become educated and smart businessman. He first of all decided his path of life where in he would be walking and achieving his dreams. The journey was not at all easy for him but he decided that he would walk, walk and simply walk.

During the initial phase of his education he started facing problems as he chose a different path from others.

David was a small time carpenter and it was very difficult for him to fund the education of Johny so David asked Johny to quit studies and become a helping hand in his work. Johny was getting pressure from villagers as well but he was determined to remain steady in his thought. He decided that he will split his day in two parts and in one part he would go to school and in other part he would help his father. Johny barely would get company of any one from his village as the school was a bit far from the village and the children of the village were least interested in pursuing their education.

Johny kept his momentum which resulted in him getting 1st class marks in his senior secondary exams. This drew the eyeballs of many as it was a remarkable achievement for a boy coming from such a remote background and surpassing other class mates who had good background. Johny and his family were happy from the achievement but at the same time David was worried as well, higher education means higher cost and he already asked Johny about quitting studies and focus more on the work. David is getting old and it was becoming difficult to manage everything for him. In other side Johny was least bothered as he had already planned that he would go to the city and sell his hand made toys at good price.

The idea clicked and every Sunday Johny would go to the town area and find buyers for his hand made toys. It was very difficult for him during the initial period of journey but as per his philosophy he kept on walking on the path which he has set for himself and finally started achieving what he thought for himself.

The quality of toys were good so the acceptance of the product in the market was quick and Johny was making enough margin to fund his studies and take care of his family. Johny use to walk for miles every Sunday to reach the town area and sell its product to the buyers by visiting them from one shop to other. He use to go to school for his higher education and also help his father in carpenter work during weekdays.

Johny kept on walking with determination on his pre decided path and achieved another milestone he again stood 1st in his higher school exams and everyone from his school and village were praising him and his journey.

Now it was a decisive period for Johny as his father became old and weak to work and earn livelihood for his family and he was getting immense pressure from everyone to quit studies and get in to earning a livelihood for his family but Johny wanted to pursue graduation and understand the technicalities of the business.

Johny knew that he would face such consequences so he already prepared a plan for it. He used his savings and bought a small cart. He decided that he would procure all the hand made products from the village and would sell at a good price in town area. Johny did a proper market research by visiting all the shopkeepers in the town are and discovered that the hand made products had good demand in the market of town area.

He enrolled himself in graduation class and in the meanwhile he also capitalized the opportunity, every Sunday he would fill his cart and visit the market of town area and sell all the hand made products at good price. He also started partnering villagers in his profit margin so that the villagers does not sell their items to other traders.

Johny was pursuing his education with complete dedication and he was also doing his business smartly. He kept on walking on the path which he decided for himself and reached the place where he wanted to reach. Johny passed his graduation with distinction and also bought a shop in the market place of town area.

The villagers use to sell all their hand made products to Johny and in return they would get good price from him. The villagers started treating Johny with respect as the entire face of the village changed. This helped villagers and David in understanding the importance of education and now every child in the village goes to school walking on the same path and trying to create a different tomorrow for themselves alike Johny.

“The path of success is to take massive determined actions.” [/read]

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