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It was a dark night and the rain was raining heavily, Mahesh was returning back from his training camp. Mahesh was a trainer in a sports academy and his job was to train the amateur sports enthusiast to professional sportsperson. [read more]

He was driving down back to his house, all of sudden he realized someone standing on the bridge and attempting to jump. He called for that person who was standing on the bridge as he thought that the person might be attempting a suicide. Mahesh started honking his car to divert the mental status due to which he might stop and not jump down the bridge.

The trick worked and Mahesh found that the person stopped and he did not jumped from the bridge, Mahesh quickly grabbed that person and got him down from the railings of the bridge.

“Are you all right?” Mahesh asked him and he got the person inside the car and switched on the cabin light of the car. Mahesh was quite surprised when he found that it was Rakesh’s son Jeet. Rakesh was neighbor and a very close friend of Mahesh.

“Why, you were doing this?” Mahesh asked Jeet.

Jeet did not utter a single word he just kept crying. Mahesh thought to not force Jeet for anything currently so he drove down to the house. He called up his friend Jeet’s father Rakesh and requested him to allow Jeet to stay back with him at his house for one night. After having dinner Mahesh thought of conversing with Jeet.

“Why you were doing that? Do you know that suicide is a very cowardice act and do you even realize what would happen to your parents if you were successful in what you were doing? ” Mahesh asked Jeet.

“Uncle, please do not tell it to my parents. I’m sorry for that and I promise that I would not do any such thing in my life ever.”Jeet pleaded his uncle.

“If you promise me that you would not commit such stupidity I would not tell your parents about that but I need to know the complete reason which forced you for such stupidity.” Mahesh asked him.

“My medical exam results will be out tomorrow and I know that I will not be shortlisted.” Jeet replied.

“How come you got to know your result a day prior to the announcement of the result?” Mahesh asked him.

“I knew it at the time of the exams only as I did not answer the questions properly.” Jeet answered with a grounded head.

“Ok, but is the result so decisive for you that if you do not to make it you would end up your life?” Mahesh questioned.

“I do not want to be called a looser.” Jeet replied.

“Son, one result in your life can not decide your potential so how can you claim yourself a looser for that one result which has not even been announced yet?” Mahesh tried to console him.

There was a silence for a while as Jeet could not find anything to say but after a small pause he opened his heart.

“Uncle, you know my parents are doctor and my elder brother is a final year medical student and he will also become a doctor after a year. I never wanted to become a doctor as I’ve always loved sports and I wanted to do something in sports but in a house where everyone loves medical profession I could not stand in front of them with my feelings and unwillingly I had to take medical as my profession but as I did not liked it I could barely focus on the medical studies. I know that I would stand as a looser after the announcement of the medical exam result.”

Mahesh heard him thoroughly and said “Son, no one in this world can claim you looser until you claim yourself a looser.” Mahesh pated the back of Jeet and asked him to go to bed, as Jeet was leaving for his bed Mahesh called him from back “Jeet, I hope you know the meaning of your name, it means winner not looser so at least stick to your name. Do not worry things will be fine.”

Jeet left for his bed and Mahesh decided that he would speak to his friend Rakesh. The next morning Jeet went to the office of state medical authority where the results were to be announced and as expected Jeet was not having his name in the selection list. He failed in the exams and he decided to go to Mahesh uncle’s place with a broken heart.

Jeet found his parents and he looked at Mahesh uncle with surprise as if he was asking him with silence “What are they doing here?” Mahesh asked Jeet to sit near to them and it was more likely looking as if all of them knew the result and they were waiting for Jeet.

“Jeet, we all know that you failed in your medical exams. Your father enquired through his friend who works at the state medical authority. But you do not worry about it as from now on you will be going to a sports academy under my supervision.”

Rakesh got up from his seat and sat near to his son and said “Jeet my son, though we did wanted that you also become a doctor but when we got to know that you had a strong inclination towards sports we could not resist our self and agreed to your uncle’s advice of putting you in a sports academy.”

Jeet was speechless as he did not expect his father in such a form and he hugged his father tightly. His mother came and put her hand on his son’s head and said “You can’t lose the game until and unless you quit the game and if you are really worried about others calling you loser than put your 100 % in your sports academy training and emerge out as a winner.”

The support of parents helped Jeet in his confidence building and the self-claimed looser changed the perspective towards his life and decided to put his 100 % in the sports academy.

During the initial period Jeet played all the sports under the training of his savior Mahesh uncle with full enthusiasm and later he discovered that swimming was very much of his type so he decided to pursue swimming as his sports career. In a very short time he started representing his sports academy on the state level.

Under the rigorous training of Mahesh uncle the self-claimed loser Jeet participated in various state levels swimming championship and won many rewards for his academy. The potential and the talent of Jeet were addressed and he was being selected to represent his state in the national level swimming championship. The news spread like a wild fire everywhere, as nobody in the territory ever participated in national level championship.

Jeet gave his blood, sweat and everything for this championship, Jeet participated and as he was religiously and rigorously training for this national level swimming championship, he won the gold which meant he stood first in the championship.

“Jeet is our Hero, He is the real winner for us.” The crowd was calling for the victory of their winner Jeet. Everyone was happy and celebrating, Jeet was also cherishing the moment by waving back to the crowd.

Jeet was standing in his balcony with his Mahesh uncle and it was unbelievable for him to find so many people calling his name. The family was happy and his uncle was also happy.

“Can you see the crowd cherishing your win and calling you a winner, what if I was late that day you could have easily ended the possibility of you becoming a winner with a preconceived notion of a loser tag in your head for yourself.” Mahesh whispered to Jeet.

“I’m sorry uncle as I can conclude now that no one in this world can claim you a looser until and unless you claim it for yourself.”

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