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“Sorry papa but I’m not going to join the family business as I’ve made up my mind in doing something new and unique.” Navin straightway declined his father’s offer of joining the family dairy business and he walked out of the room. [read more]

Navin’s family had a dairy business and it was the most renowned dairy firm of the town. The business was started by Navin’s grandfather with just 2 cows and 1 buffalo and later his father took the charge and got the business to new heights and made it the top dairy firm of town with 150 cows and 125 buffaloes.

Navin’s father and grandfather were looking at each other and were clueless after hearing Navin’s decision of not joining the family dairy business. Grandfather understood the intensity of the situation and knew that this cannot be done forcefully so he called his grandson back to the room.

“Son, why are you not willing to join the business?” Grandfather asked his grandson.

“I want to do something new and different, I do not want to get into the dirt of cow dung and flies everyday” Grandson showed his disliking.

“That cow dung and flies has paid your school fees and your expenses.” Navin’s father tried to interrupt the conversation but he was being asked to step aside and do not interfere in the conversation by grandfather.

“What new and unique you want to do?” Grandfather asked grandson softly.

“I want to do something on the online platform, like selling products on an online platform. This will not just limit to one place as one can reach to hundreds and thousands of individuals through internet.” Grandson excitedly revealed his plan to his grandfather.

“Is it possible and if yes than how?” Grandfather quizzed his grandson as he was clueless about the internet thing where one can buy and sell products.

“I will be building a website where in I will be listing all the products which I will be dealing into and reach my target audience, the client will place their orders and I will be delivering it at their mentioned address through postal courier.” The grandson revealed his blueprint in front of his grandfather.

“Ok, your plan seems very exciting and it has also got newness in it. How about mixing our traditional business with your new generation plan?” Grandfather wanted to know the opinion of his grandson but at the same time his inquisitiveness raised the eyebrows of Navin’s father, he interrupted again. “What are you saying father?” and alike earlier grandfather asked Navin’s father to be quiet.

“I’ve not thought that way.” Navin said it to his grandfather.

“Think on it and come up with a plan, I’ll support you on this.” Grandfather’s assurance got Navin to cloud nine after all the newness got a support but at the same time it also irked the traditional process. Navin’s father was not convinced and he asked his father to take his words back. Navin was not that much happy with his father’s reaction but at the same time he had an assurance from the head of the family.

Grandfather said to his son “It is good that we have a traditional process but at the same time we should also infuse something newness in our traditional process so that we are keep up with the pace of today’s generation. If I remember it correctly it was you who created a quality check process in the system so as to the best of the product gets delivered. You can easily assess the result of infusing the quality check process in our age old process, our client base grew by threefold and everyone in the town got fond of our quality led dairy products.”

After lot of discussion and argument a combined decision was being taken that Navin would create an online platform where their dairy products would get listed and it would be sold there. Initially there would be fewer products so that the tasting of water gets done and if things fall on place the entire range would be brought on board.

The meeting got finished and Navin was about to leave but suddenly his grandfather stopped him and said “I believe in you my son and in your new ideas as well, I would expect you to create newness in yours and everybody’s life through your creative and out of the box thinking. That is the meaning of your name too, Navin means new so keep up the spirit and live up to your name.”

Navin hugged his grandfather tightly and  he assured his grandfather that his believe would not be let down by any means and Navin would live up to the meaning of his name creating newness in everybody’s life through his creative thinking.

The blue print of the business model got ready and the entire business model got split into two, front end and back end.The front end was being handed over to Navin and he was given the responsibility to take care of business development and client servicing .On the other end his father took the charge of backend which comprised of the operations and production.

Navin was happy with his role as he would barely witness the fields, cattle, cow dung and flies and he got into his expertise completely. He appointed distributors of his dairy products across state and asked them to maintain an inventory of the products which were listed on the online platform. The online platform was very nicely constructed and it was a visitor friendly too.

The distributors and the channel partners were not very excited to get associated with Navin but his newness and clarity towards the business process attracted everyone. The website went live and various marketing campaign were being done to create its awareness. The process clicked and it started attracting visitors towards the online platform and eventually it started generating orders. The orders were being passed to the distributor who could deliver the order at earliest.

The new online idea of Navin clicked and in no time the website gained immense popularity due to its quality product and service. The grandfather was very happy with his decision of supporting his grandson who infused newness in the traditional process and gained good amount of business.

It is wisely said that one should change from old to new as the change is the only constant process of universe. [/read]

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