School Meeting

School Meeting

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My father was a defense personal and as we all know that the defense personals does not have any fix base and they always use to keep on moving from one base to another. My family was also one of the defense family travelling from one place to another, meeting new people, visiting new places. [read more]

I loved it as every time there were new friends and my friend list use to garner more and more class mates and society residents by every passing year. This had both the effect good and bad, the good effect was my friend list kept on increasing with every transfer of my father and at the same time the bad effect was new and strange class teachers. Building good rapport with them in short time use to become a challenging task for me. Though I was an average student but my active participation in other activities helped me in impressing teachers and faculties.

 I was 11 and it was a new school and I had recently appeared for an examination in which I think I was not fairly well and I was very much scared of the results. Today was assessment day of the recently held exams and parents were being called to the school for it so that they get to know about the development of their children.

My mother accompanied to my previous parents teacher meeting as my father use to be on some or the other defense base protecting and guarding country. This time my father was on leave from his duties and he was all set to accompany me to the parent teacher meeting.

This time it was a bit scary for me as we all know that fathers are bit strict and that too if father is a defense personal, this creates a icing on the cake. The school was new and I barely got chance to participate in any other activity apart from studies and impress teachers.

During parent teacher meeting I observed that male teachers turns softer towards mothers but they become very straight forward towards fathers. Unfortunately this time my class teacher of the current school was a male teacher and I was also being accompanied by my father.

 I tried numerous tricks so that my father fails to attend parent teacher meeting, like convincing my mother for changing my father’s mind, putting onion in the armpit so that the rising body temperature of mine forces everyone to cancels the school visit. The tricks went in vain and next morning we all were set to visit my school, me, my mother and father.

All of us reached to the school and we all were waiting for our turn. I was observing that every student was being given 5 minutes each of consultation and it was according to the roll number order. I calculated as per the ongoing roll number and decided that 15 minutes prior to the announcement of  my roll number I would excuse for washroom and return back when half of my consultation session time gets over. I did the same thing as planned but when I returned back I saw that some other student was sitting in front of the teacher.

I enquired my parents about the current scenario on which my father told me that he requested my class teacher to skip my roll number and attend some other student as incomplete consultation session will be of no use to anyone and it would not be wise to waste time by waiting for someone when one class teacher had to attend the entire class.

The ongoing consultation session of the student got over and my roll number was being called off we all approached towards the teacher. My mind ticked the plan B and the plan B says to create a dramatic scene of getting unconsciousness.

I acted to faint and in no time I was being surrounded by numerous people, everyone was trying to show their medical skills by trying to understand the symptoms and explaining the way for recovery from it. It was getting difficult for me to act as an individual who had lost his consciousness despite being in full consciousness.

I could realize that my father was holding me and he was patiently listening to everyone and then the school principal arrived, he starts discussing with my father and after a discussion of 2 minutes it was being concluded that a small injection could help me in gaining my consciousness back.

Injection was that one word which could easily terrify a kid like me and only the word injection helped me in gaining a consciousness. The other moment I was standing on my own feet and it came as a matter of surprise for others when they found a kid like me back on his own feet who was deep down in a so called fake unconsciousness.   

I somehow realized that though my drama was not executed properly but it certainly helped me in gaining a small sympathy from my class teacher and this was what I was looking forward for. I thought that I would be given relaxation from the consultation session and to some extent it worked as well. The class teachers asked my parents to take me back to home but so as to I could relax.

My father cleared the air and shared that it was just a drama created by me so that he could escape this session. He mentions to the class teacher about the tricks which I applied for avoiding this session, this turned my class teacher more furious. When I was being asked about it I was speechless

I was very much clear about the post parent teacher meeting consequence as I had a fair idea of my exams and the size of my father’s hand. After being caught red handed for playing a drama of fake unconsciousness the deadly consequences seems to be inevitable.

Once I was playing humpty dumpty with my younger brother wherein both of us use to climb up the boundary wall and jump from there. My father saw us playing and he told us not to play such games where one could get easily hurt. We both ignored our father’s word, both of us kept on playing humpty dumpty and the next moment accidently my younger brother slipped from the boundary wall and he fell from there hurting himself. I being the eldest was being given responsibility to take care but I failed and that too when I was being instructed not to play such a game by my father. That was the day when my father’s five fingers created a red impression on my cheek.

We were sitting in front of the teacher and the teacher was explaining the flaws in my exam paper and with every passing second my heart beat increased. The teacher started explaining the developmental plans to my parents so that I could do well in upcoming exams.

I tried to read my father’s face but 11 year old barely gets to understand the psyche of others and I was so scared that this time I peed in my pants and I fainted. This time it was real and I was not knowing for how long I was unconscious but when I opened my eyes I found myself lying on the bed of school dispensary.

My mother was sitting next to me and my father was discussing something with the doctor, they were accompanied by the school principal. They found me back into consciousness and they approached me but the moment I saw my father and principal coming near me I started crying as I knew that the upcoming consequences would bare be favorable.

The scene went a bit dramatic where in I found my mother was a bit tense but my father, doctor and principal started laughing. The doctor came and told my mother for not worrying as it was just a small stress which was caused because of fear.  My principal came and assured me that no one would say anything to me back in the home after which I stopped crying.

35 years has passed by then but still my father tries to pull my leg whenever I accompany my kids for parent teacher meeting.

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