A Lesson

A Lesson

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It was a busy Sunday afternoon in a countryside restaurant. The restaurant was full and the visitors were enjoying with their friends and family. 

The waiters were busy taking orders and serving meals, the cash counter was ringing with the cash flow.

The gate opened and a young gentleman entered the restaurant, he must be in his 30’s. He came inside and asked the waiter for a table and the waiter guided him to the available table of the restaurant. 

He went out of the restaurant and came back with his parents, the persona of the gentleman was so attractive that people were finding it difficult to remove their eyes from him. Those who were already sitting in the restaurant were watching and observing the activity of that young gentleman. The gentleman did noticed the whispering of others but he overlooked and asked the waiter for the meal.

The food arrived and the gentleman served the food to his parents, his parents were very old and they were finding it difficult to hold the spoon and fork properly. Though the gentleman helped his parents in eating but due to lack of strength the parents were not able to hold the spoon properly and it would result in spilling of food and making clothes dirt and messy. The majority of the crowd was observing and few of them were finding it funny when the food would fall out of the plate. 

The young man and his parents finished the food and the gentleman took his parents near to the washbasin and cleaned the messy clothes of his parents and went to cash counter for clearing the bill. The act of the gentleman made everyone silent and those who were making fun also were quietly observing the gentleman and his parents. He was leaving the cash counter after paying his food bill but he stopped as the old man on the cash counter called him off. The old man on the cash counter asked the gentleman that something precious has been left behind and in return the gentleman asked the cash counter old man about that precious thing which is left behind him. The old man on the cash counter replied that it is a life long lesson which is being left behind for all the children who considers their parents as burden.

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