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At Our Story Services, we believe in the power of narrative to inspire, connect, and transform. Our team of seasoned storytellers is dedicated to bringing your stories to life in captivating and unforgettable ways. Whether you're an individual looking to share your personal tale, a business seeking to engage your audience, or an organization aiming to convey your mission, we have a range of services tailored to meet your storytelling needs.


Explore a vast collection of stories, poems, articles, magazines, novels, essays, and more—all available for free. Dive into popular genres and discover endless emotions, thoughts, verses, and possibilities within the Pratilipi library. Save your favorites to your personal library and embark on a journey filled with captivating content.


Publish your own stories on Storyteller and become part of the largest community of writers. With Storyteller, you can create new drafts, add images, and publish directly from the app. Our hassle-free and advanced writer panel is designed to make the writing process less intimidating and more comforting.

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A Lesson

It was a busy Sunday afternoon in a countryside restaurant. The restaurant was full and the visitors were enjoying with their friends and family. 

The waiters were busy taking orders and serving meals, the cash counter was ringing with the cash flow.

The gate opened and a young gentleman entered … Read More


20 years of life passed away so fast as if they were just meant to touch and pass on and leave a joyful memories to be cherished life long, then comes the real tough life where everywhere is a never ending rat race and everyone becomes its part and wants … Read More


Once upon a time an old man was staying along with his son and daughter in law. The family was prosperous and there was no scarcity of anything. The old man who use to earn good during his young age has been mowed down by his old age now. He … Read More