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A Lesson

It was a busy Sunday afternoon in a countryside restaurant. The restaurant was full and the visitors were enjoying with their friends and family. 

The waiters were busy taking orders and serving meals, the cash counter was ringing with the cash flow.

The gate opened and a young gentleman entered the restaurant, he must be in his 30’s. He came inside and asked the waiter for a table and the waiter guided him to the available table of the restaurant. 

He went out of the restaurant and came back with his parents, the persona of the gentleman was so attractive that people were finding it difficult to remove their eyes from him. Those who were already sitting in the restaurant were watching and observing the activity of that young gentleman. The gentleman did noticed the whispering of others but he overlooked and asked the waiter for the meal.

The food arrived and the gentleman served the food to his parents, his parents were very old and they were finding it difficult to hold the spoon and fork properly. Though the gentleman helped his parents in eating but due to lack of strength the parents were not able to hold the spoon properly and it would result in spilling of food and making clothes dirt and messy. The majority of the crowd was observing and few of them were finding it funny when the food would fall out of the plate. 

The young man and his parents finished the food and the gentleman took his parents near to the washbasin and cleaned the messy clothes of his parents and went to cash counter for clearing the bill. The act of the gentleman made everyone silent and those who were making fun also were quietly observing the gentleman and his parents. He was leaving the cash counter after paying his food bill but he stopped as the old man on the cash counter called him off. The old man on the cash counter asked the gentleman that something precious has been left behind and in return the gentleman asked the cash counter old man about that precious thing which is left behind him. The old man on the cash counter replied that it is a life long lesson which is being left behind for all the children who considers their parents as burden.

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20 years of life passed away so fast as if they were just meant to touch and pass on and leave a joyful memories to be cherished life long, then comes the real tough life where everywhere is a never ending rat race and everyone becomes its part and wants to stand on the 1st position amongst numerous participants few prosper and rest perish as there are only 3 stands in every race 1, 2 and 3. John also enrolled himself in this never ending rat race and the race started. College got over and now it’s time for job, family, house and n number of etcs.  John started giving interviews got selected in one of them he started working with that company but did not found it much of the worth so switched to few other companies and finally landed in a company which offered him mental and financial satisfaction but he lost 5 precious years of life in just finding a suitable job. It also lead in to the craving of adding more or rather never ending zeroes in his bank account.

John was 25 now and the family started pressurizing him for marriage as he earns well now and he can take care of his family. Then came Nancy in John’s life both of them looks amazing and beautiful couple together. It was all fun for initial 3-4 years like getting pink roses going for a long ride chatting for hours but all of them were short lived and the reality knocked both of them. Nancy gave birth to a beautiful son and they named their son Sam, in no time Sam reached to swing from Nancy’s lap and the entire focus of John and Nancy shifted on Sam now. The pink color of the pink roses faded somewhere, the long ride turned into doctor’s visit for routine checkup and the long hourly love chatting turned into hourly discussion of future settlement.

John was 35 now, things were falling as per his plans as he was able to add zeroes in the bank account, a beautiful house, and nice car parked outside and more importantly a lovely family. Still something was missing in his life which John was not knowing about but this missing thing created a vacuum in his life. He started behaving in nostalgic way but regardless of that the rat race of life kept its pace on and John also kept running to maintain the speed of his life or rather one should say his never ending race.

Sam is a grown up lad now and he started going to school, now the dinner table is usually full of Sam’s little problems and discussion. The lifestyle changed and so changed the priorities which also changed the behavior of John and Nancy towards each other. It seems that this couple has never experienced love and they are just maintaining a social decorum of staying together and growing up their only child.

 The best looking couple have stepped in to their 40s now. The bank account figures kept on increasing along with the length and height of car and house respectively. But still something was missing in the life of John which he feels sometimes whenever he gets into his own space where nobody is there to accompany his loneliness not even his wife Nancy despite both being a happily married couple for the society.

John came from the office and sat on the sofa, he kept his office bag aside as he was not willing to switch on his laptop and he also switched off his mobile phone. He thought to break the ice and asked Nancy for a cup tea, Nancy came with a cup of tea she kept the tea on the table. “It has been quite a long time since we have gone out, go and get yourself ready let’s go out for a drive”. John said it to Nancy, Nancy ignored it and rushed towards the kitchen and a voice came from the kitchen “I have to cook dinner and Sam will return from the playground so I need to prepare something for him as well”.
John said “Ok, at least you can come and sit here as it has been quite long time since we have spent time together.” Nancy came with a little smile on her face and said “How come an old John is getting romantic, is everything all right? That word Old pinched John and he asked to Nancy “Do I look so very old, don’t I look attractive to you anymore?” Nancy burst into laughter and said “We have lived our lives and now it is time for us to accomplish our responsibilities perfectly so that we can give a beautiful future to Sam and by the way look at our age and we are too old for any romance.” Nancy got up and left for the kitchen, her words created a storm of confusion and a questionnaire was generated in the mind of John “Do I need to focus only on my son? Don’t I’ve my own life to live?” the string of thought was broken by the doorbell, the doorbell rang again but John didn’t moved from his position, Nancy came and stood in front of John and said softly to him “Do not over think on this, this is life so it is a ongoing process and you better change the shape of your face and smile, as it must be Sam on the door along with his friends and he will not feel good if he finds a sad form of your face”.
The doorbell rang again and John stood up and said to Nancy “I think you are correct, I should not overthink on this.” John opened the door and it was Sam along with his friends “Papa how come you are back from office so early?” Sam asked John “Hi Uncle, how are you?” Sam’s friends asked John, “I was passing by and just thought to have coffee with your mother, so I rescheduled the meeting and called it a day, come on in son”. John took his laptop bag and switched on my mobile phone and went inside the room, a thought started hitting John “is this rat race worth participating”?

Now John stepped into his 50s the black hair started turning grey, the sharp eyes started taking help of spectacles for a clear vision, fast brain started becoming a dull one, the coordination between fingers were not so rhythmic, vacuum started increasing its space in the life of John. Sam is in college now and he planned to fly miles for his studies, now the zeroes of the account, height of the house, length of the car was not the concern anymore. The only concern of John was “will I be able to reach any position in this rat race but who will decide that whether I won or I lost the race, who is going to decide the parameter of the results as this race has no rules.
He was sitting on his sofa trying to pass his idle Sunday, Nancy was busy with her house hold activities, and there were thoughts and only thoughts ringing inside the John’s head. The phone rang, rang and rang but John did not moved from his position so Nancy came to answer the phone and she picked up the phone “hello! Who is this?” Nancy answered the phone and she suddenly collapsed, John jumped from the sofa to hold her but he failed, she was lying down in an unconscious state and John was not able to understand the happenings around him, “what happened to Nancy, whose phone was it, what did Nancy hear on the phone that she went unconscious”. John got Nancy into the car and rushed towards the hospital and in the way to the hospital John kept on saying “Nancy, Nancy, wake up, what happed “? John reached hospital and entered into emergency ward of the hospital Nancy was taken into the emergency ward where she was to be examined, John’s mobile rang he took it from his pocket he saw it was Sam. “Hello Sam”, he answered, the voice of the person on the other side of the phone was not of Sam, “who is this”? John questioned the person on the other side and he found it was Sam’s friend who called up to inform John that Sam has met a very serious accident and he died in that accident and he called up on the landline but someone after picking up the phone did not responded. John was immovable at that stage and was not knowing how to react that suddenly he was being tapped by the doctor, John turned towards the doctor. “Mr John, we are sorry as we could not save your wife. She had a massive heart attack.”

The entire world came crashing down in front of John he started shivering, the doctor held his hand and helped him in to ease. John sat down with a complete blank mind suddenly there was a beep sound from his mobile, he saw it was a salary credit message His entire body got numb. He was completely clueless as his beautiful journey of life which he created by participating in rat race was coming to halt. “Was it worth participating in the rat race, has the race ended, has he lost the race or won the race? The various questions were hitting John but none of the questions were having any accurate answer. The questions took him to the state of oblivion.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

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Once upon a time an old man was staying along with his son and daughter in law. The family was prosperous and there was no scarcity of anything. The old man who use to earn good during his young age has been mowed down by his old age now. He trembles while walking and a support of stick was required for him to walk around. His face was full of wrinkles and he was passing his remaining life somehow. There was one thing which was very good in the family, the entire family would eat together. One fine day as usual the entire family was dining together Son entered the house from the work and he was starving due to hunger so he quickly grabbed a chair and joined the rest of the family who were already sitting and waiting for the Son at the dining table.

The old man tried to hold his plate but he couldn’t hold it properly and the plate slipped away from his hand and the food got spilled on the dining table. Son and Daughter in law looked at the old man with anger and hatred but they ignored the act of the old man and they continued with their food. The old father somehow managed to arrange his plate by his own and started to eat his food but his old age was not giving enough strength to him so that he could eat his food properly but he kept on eating with his trembling hand which resulted in spilling the food on the table his own clothes and floor.

Daughter in law observed the act of the old man and stood up with full anger and started shouting on the old man for his improper way of eating. ”Oh Lord! Look at the way this old man is eating his food, sometimes I feel I should arrange a separate dining plate in any corner of the house”. The son nodded his head and it seems as if he is also agreeing on to the daughter in law’s saying. The grandson of the old man was observing the whole act very quietly. The very next day the old man’s plate was placed separately and his son and daughter in law asked his father to eat there itself. The old man’s eyes were almost full of tears but due to his dependency on his son and daughter in law he was not able to utter a single word. He sat down and started eating, the food was getting spilled and at the same time the grandson was constantly staring the old man. The daughter in law observed it and she asked the grandson to eat properly. The grandson with full of innocence excused himself by saying “Mom I’m learning the way one should behave with their old age parents”.

The son and daughter in law looked at each other and then looked at his son with a question mark on his face. “When you will grow old then I will also behave with you in the same way the way you people are behaving with my grand pa”. The words of the grandson left a shivering sensation for both the son and the daughter in law and it left a deep impact on to the mind of both of them. It also taught a both of them a big lesson. The son immediately left his chair and grabbed the old man’s shoulder and brought him to the common dining table and at the same time the daughter in law placed food in front of the old man.

The biggest wealth in this world is our parents, we all should understand that one day we all would get old and when we would turn old then we would also require support. The support which parents provided us during our childhood days so likewise we should also be support our parents during their old age.

Johny Kept Walking

It is a story of Johny residing in a small countryside village, it is a story of an individual who has kept on taking all the challenges thrown by his life and winning them over and over again, it is a story of a person whose philosophy says that one should keep on walking.

Johny was living in a small countryside village along with his father David and mother Nina, he had a younger brother Tony. The villagers were not much educated and they were barely giving importance to education in their life. The villagers were happily engrossed in their own life and alike others David was also sailing the same boat.

David was a small time carpenter who use to collect wood from the forest and carve them into beautiful toys which were being picked by the city based traders. The traders use to exploit the unawareness of villagers by buying products at a very low price and selling the same product at high price. The villagers were not aware about the practice of the traders. Traders were taking undue advantage of the illiteracy of villagers.

But Johny was not part of the crowd and he decided to change the fate of his own and the entire village. He decided to pursue his education and wanted to become educated and smart businessman. He first of all decided his path of life where in he would be walking and achieving his dreams. The journey was not at all easy for him but he decided that he would walk, walk and simply walk.

During the initial phase of his education he started facing problems as he chose a different path from others.

David was a small time carpenter and it was very difficult for him to fund the education of Johny so David asked Johny to quit studies and become a helping hand in his work. Johny was getting pressure from villagers as well but he was determined to remain steady in his thought. He decided that he will split his day in two parts and in one part he would go to school and in other part he would help his father. Johny barely would get company of any one from his village as the school was a bit far from the village and the children of the village were least interested in pursuing their education.

Johny kept his momentum which resulted in him getting 1st class marks in his senior secondary exams. This drew the eyeballs of many as it was a remarkable achievement for a boy coming from such a remote background and surpassing other class mates who had good background. Johny and his family were happy from the achievement but at the same time David was worried as well, higher education means higher cost and he already asked Johny about quitting studies and focus more on the work. David is getting old and it was becoming difficult to manage everything for him. In other side Johny was least bothered as he had already planned that he would go to the city and sell his hand made toys at good price.

The idea clicked and every Sunday Johny would go to the town area and find buyers for his hand made toys. It was very difficult for him during the initial period of journey but as per his philosophy he kept on walking on the path which he has set for himself and finally started achieving what he thought for himself.

The quality of toys were good so the acceptance of the product in the market was quick and Johny was making enough margin to fund his studies and take care of his family. Johny use to walk for miles every Sunday to reach the town area and sell its product to the buyers by visiting them from one shop to other. He use to go to school for his higher education and also help his father in carpenter work during weekdays.

Johny kept on walking with determination on his pre decided path and achieved another milestone he again stood 1st in his higher school exams and everyone from his school and village were praising him and his journey.

Now it was a decisive period for Johny as his father became old and weak to work and earn livelihood for his family and he was getting immense pressure from everyone to quit studies and get in to earning a livelihood for his family but Johny wanted to pursue graduation and understand the technicalities of the business.

Johny knew that he would face such consequences so he already prepared a plan for it. He used his savings and bought a small cart. He decided that he would procure all the hand made products from the village and would sell at a good price in town area. Johny did a proper market research by visiting all the shopkeepers in the town are and discovered that the hand made products had good demand in the market of town area.

He enrolled himself in graduation class and in the meanwhile he also capitalized the opportunity, every Sunday he would fill his cart and visit the market of town area and sell all the hand made products at good price. He also started partnering villagers in his profit margin so that the villagers does not sell their items to other traders.

Johny was pursuing his education with complete dedication and he was also doing his business smartly. He kept on walking on the path which he decided for himself and reached the place where he wanted to reach. Johny passed his graduation with distinction and also bought a shop in the market place of town area.

The villagers use to sell all their hand made products to Johny and in return they would get good price from him. The villagers started treating Johny with respect as the entire face of the village changed. This helped villagers and David in understanding the importance of education and now every child in the village goes to school walking on the same path and trying to create a different tomorrow for themselves alike Johny.

“The path of success is to take massive determined actions.”


“Are you listening, next month is Karvachawth (an indian festivity in which the wife fasts and pray for the wellbeing of her husband). I hope you are aware of it.” Moni asked her husband karan in a very compassionate way. “Last year you promised me of a diamond necklace but I had to settle it with bangles but this time it won’t work so I’m reminding you in advance.”

“Yes I do remember that this year it is diamond necklace as your karvachawth gift, anything else do you need?” Karan smiled and answered his wife and left for his office, he was getting late for his work.

Time passed and only few days were remaining in Karvachawth. One fine day Karan was working in his office one of his colleague asked him “Can you handle my work for few days as I’m planning for few days leave and you know if the work gets stuck the boss won’t approve my leave.”

“No worries I’ll take care of it, are you going anywhere?” Karan asked his colleague.

“Yes I’m visiting to my in-laws place as this year my wife planned to celebrate the Karvachawth there only” colleague answered Karan.

This word Karvachawth got Karan in fix as he had promised Moni for a diamond necklace this time and the bank account was about to give a warning of minimum balance. “Why does the festivals come during the last week of month when the salary is about to get over?” This thought went by Karan’s mind.

Karan reached his house in the evening after finishing his work and as usual Moni opened the door with a smiling face but today along with a smile there were few questions and karan can observe it but he tried to ignore her for escaping any awkward situation. He finished his dinner and straightaway went to his bedroom he was trying his best to ignore any type of encounter with Moni but this was not possible after all both of them were sharing a common roof.

“What is the matter? I can sense that you are avoiding me” Moni asked Karan. “No, there is nothing like this I’m just a bit exhausted due to work.” Karan answered Moni with a grounded head he was not even keeping an eye contact with Moni while talking.

“Ok, so do you still remember my promise which you made with me for Karvachawth?” Moni asked him.

“Which Promise” Karan tried to take the conversation in some other direction but he failed.

“Diamond necklace” this time there was anger in the words of Moni.

“Ok, Diamond necklace for Karvachawth there is still lot of time left for it” Karan answered in low tone.

“So you mean to say you will gift me on that day itself, you know how many jewellery shop I’ve to go for finding a nice necklace after all it is my first diamond necklace.”

“How much a necklace would cost?” Karan asked Moni.

“You leave the price of it just give me your Card as I’m planning to start going for window shopping from tomorrow onwards and if I find anything suitable then I would purchase it, anyhow price of a normal diamond necklace starts from 80 thousand, so how much is the balance in your account ?”

It will start from 80 thousand and god knows how much this necklace would cost Karan got worried as he was having only 53 thousand in his account and one more monthly EMI of 23 thousand is about to knock his account during the last week of the month.

Karan replied “Right now there is not enough balance in my account but he would manage it somehow in few days and she can buy a beautiful necklace for herself.”

Moni’s temper got high the moment she heard Karan and furiously answered him “Every year I have to settle with only fake promises.” Moni just walked away from the room, it was a complete awkward situation for Karan and there was nothing wrong in her saying as every time she has to settle with fake promises. Karan also felt bad about it as he was in fix, when 80% of the salary goes for EMIs then necklace of 80 thousand becomes an impossible gift.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc and time passed by and Karvachawth arrived but Karan failed to manage the money, he asked few of his colleagues but he failed to arrange money for the necklace which he had promised to his wife.

He was having his breakfast and was thinking of the way to arrange money but suddenly his strings of thought got interrupted when Moni said “I’ve dropped the idea of necklace and I’ve thought of purchasing a diamond ring which would cost approximately 25 thousand.” 25 thousand was also sounding a bit higher for karan at this moment as the EMI of 23 thousand has not reached the door steps of Karan’s bank account but he said “Ok, I’ll give you the money once I’m back from the office.”

“Tomorrow is the Karvachawth and I’m over burdened with work so you better keep your money with yourself.” Moni angrily walked away from the room and Karan also left for his office.

Karan was having a hope that he would somehow arrange the money and would give it to Moni for her gift but all his efforts went in vain, “Oh Lord make out some way so that I can fulfill her demand” Karan was in his deep thought then suddenly one of his colleague patted his back and said “It’s 8’o clock don’t you have to leave for your house?” Karan got up from his work table and left for the house. He reached the society but he was not willing to enter his house empty handed so he parked his car and sat on the bench of his society’s park. He was in deep thought but the mobile rang and all the blocks of thought collapsed when he saw Moni calling him up, it was 10.30 pm. He put the mobile on silent mode as he knew he was not having any answer for the Moni’s question.

Another hour passed and it was 11.30 pm and Karan was completely lost in his complaining thought of not fulfilling his wife’s demand.

“Why are you sitting here, and why are you not coming upstairs?” It was Moni a surprise to Karan but he also knew that if you close your eyes that does not mean that problem will surpass you.

“I was about to come to the house but I found it a bit relaxing here so I thought of sitting here for a while.” Karan replied her.

“Atleast do not lie to me, I found your car parked here while returning back from shopping and it’s been almost 2 hours since I returned back from shopping.” Moni countered her husband.

Karan was speechless but he tried to distract the conversation by saying “Shopping, what shopping?”

“I bought myself few things for tomorrow and relax you do not need to stress about my ring anymore.” Moni’s statement gave a huge relief to Karan. Moni came and sat on the bench next to Karan, she holded his hand and rested her head on the shoulder of Karan.

“It is sad to know that you got into stress because of my demand and you chose to sit here in dark all alone, it was just a ring a decorative piece but not as valuable as you. Remember one thing that nothing in this world can replace you and keep this thing in your mind for your entire life.”

Tears rolled out from Karan’s eyes as he could feel a sense of affection and value for their togetherness as it is wisely said that “Togetherness is a wonderful place to be.”

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Story Of A Soldier’s Family.

The phone rang and Sameera came out of kitchen to answer the phone. She picked up the receiver of the phone and said “Hello, who is this?” There was silence on the other side as nobody on the other end was saying anything but Sameera understood that it is none other than her soul mate Sameer.

She said “How come you got time in the morning to call me?”

There was a laughter on the other side, Sameer understood that he was being caught by his wife and said “How come you realized that it is me on the other side of the phone?”

Sameera replied very wisely “You are forgetting that you are speaking with a wife of a defense officer and moreover I know you from childhood so please don’t try your tricks on me.”

“Ok, Mrs Defense officer’s wife. I just wanted to tell you that I’m coming home as my commanding officer has sanctioned my 1 week leave.” Sameer said in a very low voice but Sameera screamed loudly out of excitement.

“Oh my god, you made my day. It has been almost 1 year since I’ve seen you and it is not just me who have missed you badly but it is your entire family your parents, your daughter everyone.” Sameera could not control her emotions and tears rolled out of her eyes.

“Why are you crying Mummy and who is there on the phone?” It was Meera, 18 year old daughter of Sameer and Sameera. Meera came and stood in front of her mother and her mother passed on the receiver to her daughter and stood near her.

“Hello, who is this?” Meera took the receiver and tried to enquire.

“Hello, princess. How are you doing my child?” Sameer asked her

“Papa, Oh my god it is you. I’m doing well but your princess misses you a lot and your princess wants to see her papa as soon as possible.” Meera was sounding like a commanding officer to her father.

Sameer replied “Your wish is my command, I’m coming home on this Sunday.”

“This Sunday, means day after tomorrow, oh my god oh my god. I’m so thrilled and excited.” Meera’s excitement to see and meet her father was very much evident in her voice.

“My child you need to control your excitement for today and tomorrow, I’ll be there on day after tomorrow and will do all short of exciting things. But now I need to go so I’m hanging up the phone.” Sameer replied and asked his commanding officer alias daughter for the permission.

“Permission granted officer. I love you Papa.” Sameer got the permission and kept the receiver by replying her back “Love you my child, see you soon.”

Meera was on cloud nine and ran towards the living room to inform her grandparents about the news. Everyone in the family was excited with the arrival of Sameer after all he was coming after almost 1 year.

The entire family got up in the preparation for welcoming the family’s most missed member. Sameera and her mother in law got into the preparation of Sameer’s favorite delicacies, Sameer’s father got into the task of finding his son’s favorite wine. Meera got up in planning a family reunion on the occasion of her father’s arrival.

Everyone in the family was equally happy and all of them were trying to create a grand welcome occasion for Sameer collectively but the fate had something else to unfold in front of the family. The phone rang next morning.

Sameera picked up the receiver and said “Hello, who is this?”

“Hello, I’m commanding officer of Mr. Sameer’s battalion may I know with whom I’m speaking with?” the person on the other end asked Sameera.

“I’m his wife, is everything ok?” this time there was a sense of fear in her voice.

“With profound grief and sorrow I would like to inform you that Mr. Sameer is no more with us and he lost his life performing duties for his country.” It was the officer on the other end.

The entire world came crashing down in front of Sameera as the news was very hard to believe. She thought that it might be some of Sameer’s friend so she tried to confirm. “Are you joking?”

“Sorry Mam, it is not a joke. Mr Sameer is no more and this is a truth. Sorry for your loss.” The officer disconnected the phone.

It was a deep loss for the entire family as their Sameer have left everyone and the saddest part of the fact was that the family who was preparing for welcoming him will now be preparing for departing him and that too the final departure.

Sameer kept his promise of visiting his house on Sunday but the way of his visit made every one cry, the body was being handed over to the family with full dignity.

Sameera was standing in front of her husband’s body and she kept on touching her husband’s body, his eyes, his lips, his hair, his cheek as she knew that after some time she would not be able touch her husband ever.

Sameer’s parents came close to their son body which was lying without any movement. This is the toughest part for any parent’s life to find their child in such a state but being the only man left in the family, Sameer’s father decided that he would not let any of his family member cry.

“Sameer is a martyr, he has not gone anywhere and he will be in the heart of every countrymen. The entire country will celebrate his sacrifice for his country as a martyr.” Sameer’s father tried consoling the family member.

Meera stepped forward and took an oath by touching her father’s body that she will become like her father and she will also become a defense officer one day.

Sameer’s funeral ceremony started and each of his family member was wearing a sense of pride despite knowing the fact that their most beloved son, husband and father will never return back in their lives. It is wisely said that “The day a family member joins the military the entire family becomes a part of the military force.”

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It was a beautiful morning in the defense cantonment area and especially for Mr. Dsouza the morning was more special. Mr Dsouza was getting promoted today to the position of chief of defense.

Mr. Dsouza was dressed exactly like a newly appointed cadet and moreover the defense personal keep themselves very neat and clean in every aspect from dress to shoes and from hair to moustache everything of theirs stay in perfect shape.

On another side of the cantonment area Patrick was also getting ready for his duty, he was the driver of Mr. Dsouza. Patrick was staying with his son Harry, his wife died due to cancer few months back only and it was becoming very difficult for him to handle the outside and inside responsibility of the house.

“Papa, can you please drop me to the school as I’m getting late for my school.” Harry asked his father.

“No, I myself will be late and my officer will never spare me for it as he is very punctual, disciplined and strict for his routine.” Patrick replied his son.

“Ok, How about if you pick up your officer and drop me then as my school would be in midway itself.” Harry requested his father as he was worried that he might have to miss his first class standing outside the class if he gets late. Harry was an average child busy in his own business of doing nothing and just wandering uselessly. Earlier his mother use to control him and his activity but now when his mother is no more he was more like a free bird.

“I’m not sure about it but let us try, my officer might not like you in his car as he is very strict for his particulars.” Patrick said to his son.

“I know your officer is very strict but today he is getting promoted and rewarded so today he might be in a lighter mood.” Harry wittingly tried to convince his father.

Both of them left for the house of Mr, Dsouza, and the car reached the entrance of the house, Patrick asked Harry to get down from the car and asked him to wait. Patrick opened the door of the car for Mr. Dsouza.

“Good Morning Sir” Patrick greeted his officer softly and in the return of that he got a nod from his officer with a small “hmmm”.

“Sir if you don’t mind can my son accompany us as he is getting late for his school and his school falls midway.” Patrick requested his officer.

“Yes sure, why not.” Mr Dsouza agreed to the request of his driver and all three of them left for their respective destinations.

“Good Morning Sir” Harry greeted Mr. Dsouza

“Good Morning son, why are you late for your school?” Mr. Dsouza asked Harry and a small conversation started between two of them but Patrick was scared a bit as he knew his officer is very strict and disciplined. Mr Dsouza looks forward for very specific replies to his questions.

“I woke up a bit late due to which I got late for my school.” Harry answered

“Did you slept on time or did you slept late?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“Sir, actually I got a new comic book and it was so fun reading it that I did not realized the time and it was quite late by the time I went to bed.”

Mr Dsouza did not liked the careless attitude of Harry and if it would have been someone else than he would have certainly received something harsh from Mr Dsouza but since Harry was of acquaintance and moreover the awaited promotion got him lighter. Mr Dsouza ignored this attitude of Harry. 

“Son, do you have any goal in your life?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

Harry replied “I’m just 15 and I’m too young to decide my goal.”

Harry’s casual answer irked Mr Dsouza a bit more and at the same time the situation was getting Pattrick numb as Pattrick knew that any casual reply will get his son a left right and centre from his officer.

“What do you mean by just 15 son, if you hold a carefree attitude like this you will head nowhere in your life?” Mr Dsouza’s voice was turning from soft to firm but he realised that he is the commanding officer of his driver Pattrick not his son Harry, so he preferred to keep quiet.

There was a complete silence inside the car for a while but Patrick was worried a bit as he has witnessed these types of silence a lot many times and he has also faced the post silence consequences.

All three reached school and the car stopped, Harry got off from the car and to the biggest surprise Mr Dsouza also got off from the car. This went as a matter of surprise for Patrick.

“Just stand there my son and Patrick can you please come out of the car, I need to talk to your son.” Mr Dsouza asked Harry and Patrick. Now it was a real matter of worry for Patrick as Mr. Dosuza asked him to stand parallel to him in front of Harry.

“Can you differentiate between both of us?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“You are commanding officer of my father and there is a difference of rank between both of you.” Harry replied straight.

“Ok, can you share anything common between us?” Mr Dsouza asked Harry.

“No I do not find anything common between both of you apart from the fact that both of you are defense personal serving for a common cause to safeguard our country.” Harry was very straight this time too.

“There are lot of things common between me and your father, if you don’t know then let me tell you that we come from the same village with the same background and in fact both of us share the same school rather I should say your father comes from more privilege background as your grandfather was village head and my father was just a normal farmer.” Mr Dsouza was very firm and there was a sense of pride in his voice for his achievement.”

This took Harry for a surprise ride as he was not aware of it at all that his father and his father’s commanding officer comes from the same place and one is getting to the position of Defense Head and other is just a mere driver.

“It was just a goal which I determined at a very younger age and to your surprise I was just 10 when I decided that I would become a defense officer and a much disciplined approach towards my goal got me here. I’m not a self-praising person but I also do not want to miss in showing what I achieved in my life and the process of that achievement.” Mr Dsouza explained it to Harry.

There was a silence amongst three as Harry was speechless, Patrick’s head was grounded and Mr Dsouza’s head was heading high.

“I’m sorry Patrick if I’ve said something wrong but my son get a goal in your life and create a disciplined approach towards it.” Mr Dsouza patted Harry’s arm.

“No sir, whatever you said is completely correct, now I think we should move now.” Patrick answered his commanding officer and both of them left.

Harry was standing clueless but this incident changed Harry from within and his perspective for his life. Now changed Harry is all set to determine his goal and the process for attaining it in a disciplined form.

The change in the life can come anytime irrespective of age and there is no harm in adopting that change if it is for self-betterment.

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“Please stand up and give a round of applause for our one and only Principal Mr. Kevin.” The lady at the podium announced and the entire crowd got up and started clapping for Mr. Kevin. It was the annual conference of St Mary and Mr Kevin was retiring today from his services after giving 35 valuable years of his life to the school.

A person with crutch on both side was trying hard to get on the stage and after watching it the lady on the podium rushed to help that handicapped man but the man refused to her help and put extra effort and got into the stage by himself. It was none other than the Principal Mr. Kevin, the entire hall was echoing with the thundering claps of parents, teachers and students.”

The lady on the podium welcomed Mr. Kevin and she turned aside. Mr Kevin turned towards the lady and said “Thank you for offering me the help and at the same time I’m sorry for not accepting it.”

There was a silence in the hall and everyone was anxiously listening to the words of Mr. Kevin, everyone in the school was fond of Mr. Kevin.

“If today I would have accepted your helping hand then tomorrow I might look forward for another helping hand which in result would increase my dependency on another help.” Mr Kevin turned towards the podium to address the conference.

“I always asked my father during my childhood that why my legs are not like others? Why do I need to take help of crutch for walking while others could run and play by themselves?” Mr Kevin paused for a while.

There was complete silence in the conference hall of St Mary and everyone was eagerly and curiously listening to the journey of Mr. Kevin’s life.

“I’ve never talked about my disability or my background ever before but today I will speak about it as it might change the perception of few towards their lives. The perception of disappointment, the perception of helplessness, the perception of scarcity.” Today Mr Kevin was away from his normalcy as he never likes talking about his disability or his underprivileged family background but today he was in the mood of describing his journey of life.

“I hail from very poor background and my parents were barely concerned for their child’s health or any other crisis as the only and prime focus of everyone in the family was to gather food so that each family member gets a fair share of the food portion and nobody stays empty belly.”

It was a matter of shock for everyone in the hall as nobody knew that Mr. Kevin comes from such a poor background, but at the same time a sense of respect emerged in everyone’s mind for Mr. Kevin’s struggle of changing the fate and destiny of his own life.

“I was very fond of school dress and uniform from the beginning and I use to stare children going to school in those uniform. Lot of times I requested my parents to get my admission in a school so that I can also wear a proper school uniform and go to the school but my parents would always deny due to my disability.”

Mr. Kevin rearranged his crutch as his crutch was slipping away but this time the lady did not offered any of her help and Mr Kevin smiled and continued.

“My parents never wanted their handicap son to go anywhere out of their sight as the concern regarding his disability was the prime reason. Though this use to create immense disappointment inside me but every day in the morning I use to ask my parents for taking admission in the school as I was a stubborn child”

Mr Kevin smiled on the comment of his stubbornness and paused for a while. The eyes and the ears of every individual present in the hall was tuned towards the journey of Mr. Kevin’s life.

“One fine morning I started again and this time I went too loud, my mother came and after holding me explained that I cannot go to school because of the physical disability and it was not just school I cannot go anywhere without the help of anyone. The words went deep inside and I came out and sat on the roadside bench and started crying as the hope of wearing the uniform and going to school was lost.”

A five year old boy sitting on the roadside bench weeping and crying, it seems that his dreams and hopes have melted and they are coming out of his eyes in form of tears.But as we all know that if you have dreamt of something with a true spirit the entire world conspires to make your dream true. Mr Kevin continued.

“I was crying, weeping and sobbing but then I found a gentleman who came and stood in front of me. He put his hand over to my head and asked me the reason behind my disappointment. I told him the entire story.”

The conversation between Mr Kevin and the gentleman was so real for the crowd sitting inside the hall that they felt the conversation between both are happening in front of them.

“Do you want to go to school?” The gentleman asked the little boy.

“Yes, I want to go to school but due to my physical disability my parents are not allowing me to go to the school. I’m very angry with the god for giving me this form of physical disability.” Little boy replied to the gentleman.

“Everyone comes in this world with a reason and everyone has a gift of special power to overcome all the challenges and hurdles of the life. The god has created every one of us in the same category but there can be variation in the form. You should not complaint about your disability rather you should focus on your potential areas and explore them so that you can change your life as per your wish and desire you want to live.” Gentleman answered the little boy.

“But I’m too small to take any decisions of my life as my parents would always take decision for me as they find me incapable for this world.” The little boy replied.

“You do not worry about it and if you really desire to go to school than I would help you in that. Let’s go to and meet your parents and I would definitely convince your parents for allowing you to go to school.”

Both of them went and the gentleman discussed with the parents of the little boy and tried to understand their helplessness in not supporting their child’s dream. The parents were so poor that they would spent their entire day collecting and gathering food and if any one of them would take the little boy to school then it would cost a hungry belly for one of the family member.

The gentleman understood the situation and he revealed that he teaches in a government school and he would accompany the little boy to the school and would also take care of him and while returning back from the school he would drop the little boy.

The gentleman assured the parents that they do not have to worry about the books or fees as everything would be taken care by the local government bodies to promote education and literacy in the society. It solved the problems of parents and the little boy and the parents and little boy were happy.

The journey of the little boy started and every day he use to accompany the gentleman for going to school. The little boy was liking the school and the books and the copies, the uniform and the students. His liking towards the studies resulted him in getting in the list of brilliant students of the school and everyone started liking him.

Days passed by and one day while returning back from the school gentleman told the little boy, “Son. now onward I’ll not be accompanying you to the school as I ve got transferred to another school.”

It came as shock to the little boy who is a grown up boy now but his disability somehow stops him somewhere in considering himself as a grown up. He replied “How will I be able to go to school now, or is it the end of it?”

“No my Son, it is not the end, if you look at a flowing river you would find that despite various hurdles and obstacles the river never stops and creates its own way of flowing forward so you do not have to stop. And since you are not a little boy anymore so you need to start helping yourself so that you yourself become so strong that you start lending a helping hand to others rather than asking for a helping hand from others.” Gentleman’s words went deep inside the little boy. And it changed the whole perception of the little boy towards his life.

“Can anyone guess the name of the school where I went for my studies during my childhood or to be precise the name of school where I started my education?” Mr Kevin’s question brought every one back from the word of imagination to the world of reality.

People in the hall started whispering and tried guessing but no one was able to get a correct answer as nobody was aware of the background of Mr. Kevin.

“It is the same school where we all are sitting today or rather I should say St Mary.” It got everyone into surprise that how a disable child who had such a poor background became a principal of the school?

“The journey was not so easy but every day I took a step towards my dream and today I’m in front of you.” Mr. Kevin ended his speech and thanked everyone sitting in the hall, the entire hall got filled with thunderous clapping. Everyone stood and clapped for the journey of Mr Kevin with a sense of pride and respect.

Moral – The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.

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The Wheelchair Girl

Ikcha was lying on the bed, there was hardly any movement in her body. Her body was surrounded by group of doctors and hospital staff. She had an accident where in the truck hit her scooter while she was returning from her office. Her leg was badly injured and there was a possibility that the doctor could remove the damage portion of the leg and replace it with an artificial one.

It took complete 2 days for Ikcha to gain consciousness, she was surrounded by family members, doctor and nurse.

“How are you feeling my child?” Ikcha’s mother asked her and in return she just moved her head in affirmation mode.

“I know my child she will be fine very soon.” Her father said with teary eyes.

“You take rest and do let us know if you want anything.” The doctor said while examining her and the doctor left.

“I want to use washroom.” Ikcha asked her mother.

“Ok, let me ask the nurse for that.” Her mother replied.

Though the body and the senses were not in complete form to create any kind of reflex but Ikcha was bit surprised when she found her mother going out and coming along with a nurse and a wheelchair.

“It is all right, I don’t need wheelchair, and I can walk to the washroom.” Ikcha showed her willingness and tried to get up.

“You lost your legs in the accident my child so you would be needing it.” Her mother revealed it to her which was later being realised by the Ikcha as well that she lost both her legs.

Both mother and daughter held each other tightly and started crying as both of them were very much uncertain about the future but this was something which was irreversible.

Ikcha was kept under observation for few more weeks and after a month time she got discharged from the hospital. The most charming girl of the family was now a charmless girl, stressed and slowly getting under the skin of depression.

Her parents were aware of the change and it could happen to anyone, it was very much like a free bird who loved flying has now got the wings clipped off and the free bird cannot fly ever.

The parents did not wanted her child to suffer due to depression so they kept on charging her up time and again but every time they do it they had to face failure.

Ikcha was becoming more of a lonely child sitting on a wheel chair and looking outside the window. This became her everyday routine wherein she looks outside the windows for hours and hours with a saddened face.

One evening as usual Ikcha was sitting on her wheelchair and deeply engrossed in her thoughts suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. She found it was her parents, tears were flowing down from their eyes.

“Let’s end up our lives as the life now has become meaningless for all of us.” Her father said and handed a bottle of poison to Ikcha for which she was surprised a bit.

“What are you saying Papa, It is not correct at all.” Ikcha was knowing the reason behind it but she was finding herself helpless, she tried to console her father.

“What else should I say, we both cannot see you living like a dead body which neither have any movement nor does it have any expression.” Her father said sobbingly.

“What should I do because I’m clueless right now?” Ikcha asked her father.

“My child your name is Ikcha which means will in english and your father’s name i.e my name is Shakti which means power in english and if you combine both of them you can create wonders through your will or rather I should say our willpower.” Ikcha’s father tried to motivate his child who was deep down in depression.

“How?” Ikcha wanted to know the plan of her father as she did felt a bit of motivation after hearing the words of her father.

“You were taking sessions on personality development and I want you to start doing it again, the only difference would be that this time you would be doing it on an online platform. You would be using your expertise to keep a standard situation and I’ll be shooting it and both of us will be posting videos on all the online and social media platforms.” Her father tried showing his child a path towards her future.

“An individual whose own personality got distorted would be giving lectures and online session on personality development.” It seems Ikcha was not convinced with the idea of her father and it was evident through her statement.

“That is the biggest twist my child, just imagine how you would feel if you succeed in changing an individual’s life through your session and make him/her fit to face the challenges and dont forget the task is being done by the one who herself is physically challenged.” Ikcha’s father Shakti was having complete excitement in his voice.

“No, papa I don’t think it is a great idea. People will make fun of me.” Ikcha was in full mood to drop the idea

“If you really care for us you will have to do it.” This time it was her mother who intervened into the situation.

The discussion between three of them went a bit long but finally the parents were successful in convincing their suppressed and depressed child.

The stage was set and Ikcha was all set to start the session with her father , they created one of the room in their house into a studio and the shoot was with help of handycam but while shooting  Ikcha realized that her father is shooting from quite a distance and the shoot might also cover the wheelchair.

“Papa, please be careful while capturing the session as I think you are also covering the wheel chair by mistake.” Ikcha pointed her father and tried correcting it.

“I know my child and I’m doing it with a purpose, a purpose which might also give a sense of living to any other depressed child. This act of mine might change the approach of an individual towards his/her life after watching a girl trying to take session on wheel chair.” Ikcha felt a positive energy oozing within after her father tried to create a positive environment around her.

The video was shot and it was posted across the social and online media platforms, this did gave a pinch of energy to Ikcha but unfortunately that did not lasted for long.

“It has been more than a week but there are only 7 views so far with no likes.” Ikcha shared with her father and she was disheartened.

“It is only Ikcha + Shakti i.e ikchashakti or rather I should say willpower of an individual which pushes even a failure to take a step towards success and become an inspiration for everyone in future. Don’t let your willpower die so easily.” Her father tried to motivate her and asked to prepare for another session.

The father daughter duo kept on shooting videos and kept on posting it on various social and online platform. The views of the videos increased and slowly the videos started gaining likes as well. In every video Ikcha use to keep a small session on willpower and all her videos were named with hashtag willpower.

Slowly and steadily the #willpower videos started trending all over and Ikcha became the talk of the town. The wheelchair part was more motivating to everyone and it was so appealing that it was being liked by a news channel and the same channel prepared a show on her stating “Wheelchair girl changing the mental paradigm.” The show gained enough popularity to make Ikcha’s videos most liked videos of the platform.

The free bird was gaining her wings back which got cluttered and the parents were happy finding their child getting back to a routine of normalcy.

It is wisely said “Where there is a will there is definitely a way perhaps tomorrow if not today.”

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School Meeting

My father was a defense personal and as we all know that the defense personals does not have any fix base and they always use to keep on moving from one base to another. My family was also one of the defense family travelling from one place to another, meeting new people, visiting new places.

I loved it as every time there were new friends and my friend list use to garner more and more class mates and society residents by every passing year. This had both the effect good and bad, the good effect was my friend list kept on increasing with every transfer of my father and at the same time the bad effect was new and strange class teachers. Building good rapport with them in short time use to become a challenging task for me. Though I was an average student but my active participation in other activities helped me in impressing teachers and faculties.

 I was 11 and it was a new school and I had recently appeared for an examination in which I think I was not fairly well and I was very much scared of the results. Today was assessment day of the recently held exams and parents were being called to the school for it so that they get to know about the development of their children.

My mother accompanied to my previous parents teacher meeting as my father use to be on some or the other defense base protecting and guarding country. This time my father was on leave from his duties and he was all set to accompany me to the parent teacher meeting.

This time it was a bit scary for me as we all know that fathers are bit strict and that too if father is a defense personal, this creates a icing on the cake. The school was new and I barely got chance to participate in any other activity apart from studies and impress teachers.

During parent teacher meeting I observed that male teachers turns softer towards mothers but they become very straight forward towards fathers. Unfortunately this time my class teacher of the current school was a male teacher and I was also being accompanied by my father.

 I tried numerous tricks so that my father fails to attend parent teacher meeting, like convincing my mother for changing my father’s mind, putting onion in the armpit so that the rising body temperature of mine forces everyone to cancels the school visit. The tricks went in vain and next morning we all were set to visit my school, me, my mother and father.

All of us reached to the school and we all were waiting for our turn. I was observing that every student was being given 5 minutes each of consultation and it was according to the roll number order. I calculated as per the ongoing roll number and decided that 15 minutes prior to the announcement of  my roll number I would excuse for washroom and return back when half of my consultation session time gets over. I did the same thing as planned but when I returned back I saw that some other student was sitting in front of the teacher.

I enquired my parents about the current scenario on which my father told me that he requested my class teacher to skip my roll number and attend some other student as incomplete consultation session will be of no use to anyone and it would not be wise to waste time by waiting for someone when one class teacher had to attend the entire class.

The ongoing consultation session of the student got over and my roll number was being called off we all approached towards the teacher. My mind ticked the plan B and the plan B says to create a dramatic scene of getting unconsciousness.

I acted to faint and in no time I was being surrounded by numerous people, everyone was trying to show their medical skills by trying to understand the symptoms and explaining the way for recovery from it. It was getting difficult for me to act as an individual who had lost his consciousness despite being in full consciousness.

I could realize that my father was holding me and he was patiently listening to everyone and then the school principal arrived, he starts discussing with my father and after a discussion of 2 minutes it was being concluded that a small injection could help me in gaining my consciousness back.

Injection was that one word which could easily terrify a kid like me and only the word injection helped me in gaining a consciousness. The other moment I was standing on my own feet and it came as a matter of surprise for others when they found a kid like me back on his own feet who was deep down in a so called fake unconsciousness.   

I somehow realized that though my drama was not executed properly but it certainly helped me in gaining a small sympathy from my class teacher and this was what I was looking forward for. I thought that I would be given relaxation from the consultation session and to some extent it worked as well. The class teachers asked my parents to take me back to home but so as to I could relax.

My father cleared the air and shared that it was just a drama created by me so that he could escape this session. He mentions to the class teacher about the tricks which I applied for avoiding this session, this turned my class teacher more furious. When I was being asked about it I was speechless

I was very much clear about the post parent teacher meeting consequence as I had a fair idea of my exams and the size of my father’s hand. After being caught red handed for playing a drama of fake unconsciousness the deadly consequences seems to be inevitable.

Once I was playing humpty dumpty with my younger brother wherein both of us use to climb up the boundary wall and jump from there. My father saw us playing and he told us not to play such games where one could get easily hurt. We both ignored our father’s word, both of us kept on playing humpty dumpty and the next moment accidently my younger brother slipped from the boundary wall and he fell from there hurting himself. I being the eldest was being given responsibility to take care but I failed and that too when I was being instructed not to play such a game by my father. That was the day when my father’s five fingers created a red impression on my cheek.

We were sitting in front of the teacher and the teacher was explaining the flaws in my exam paper and with every passing second my heart beat increased. The teacher started explaining the developmental plans to my parents so that I could do well in upcoming exams.

I tried to read my father’s face but 11 year old barely gets to understand the psyche of others and I was so scared that this time I peed in my pants and I fainted. This time it was real and I was not knowing for how long I was unconscious but when I opened my eyes I found myself lying on the bed of school dispensary.

My mother was sitting next to me and my father was discussing something with the doctor, they were accompanied by the school principal. They found me back into consciousness and they approached me but the moment I saw my father and principal coming near me I started crying as I knew that the upcoming consequences would bare be favorable.

The scene went a bit dramatic where in I found my mother was a bit tense but my father, doctor and principal started laughing. The doctor came and told my mother for not worrying as it was just a small stress which was caused because of fear.  My principal came and assured me that no one would say anything to me back in the home after which I stopped crying.

35 years has passed by then but still my father tries to pull my leg whenever I accompany my kids for parent teacher meeting.

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