School Meeting

My father was a defense personal and as we all know that the defense personals does not have any fix base and they always use to keep on moving from one base to another. My family was also one of the defense family travelling from one place to another, meeting new people, visiting new places.

I loved it as every time there were new friends and my friend list use to garner more and more class mates and society residents by every passing year. This had both the effect good and bad, the good effect was my friend list kept on increasing with every transfer of my father and at the same time the bad effect was new and strange class teachers. Building good rapport with them in short time use to become a challenging task for me. Though I was an average student but my active participation in other activities helped me in impressing teachers and faculties.

 I was 11 and it was a new school and I had recently appeared for an examination in which I think I was not fairly well and I was very much scared of the results. Today was assessment day of the recently held exams and parents were being called to the school for it so that they get to know about the development of their children.

My mother accompanied to my previous parents teacher meeting as my father use to be on some or the other defense base protecting and guarding country. This time my father was on leave from his duties and he was all set to accompany me to the parent teacher meeting.

This time it was a bit scary for me as we all know that fathers are bit strict and that too if father is a defense personal, this creates a icing on the cake. The school was new and I barely got chance to participate in any other activity apart from studies and impress teachers.

During parent teacher meeting I observed that male teachers turns softer towards mothers but they become very straight forward towards fathers. Unfortunately this time my class teacher of the current school was a male teacher and I was also being accompanied by my father.

 I tried numerous tricks so that my father fails to attend parent teacher meeting, like convincing my mother for changing my father’s mind, putting onion in the armpit so that the rising body temperature of mine forces everyone to cancels the school visit. The tricks went in vain and next morning we all were set to visit my school, me, my mother and father.

All of us reached to the school and we all were waiting for our turn. I was observing that every student was being given 5 minutes each of consultation and it was according to the roll number order. I calculated as per the ongoing roll number and decided that 15 minutes prior to the announcement of  my roll number I would excuse for washroom and return back when half of my consultation session time gets over. I did the same thing as planned but when I returned back I saw that some other student was sitting in front of the teacher.

I enquired my parents about the current scenario on which my father told me that he requested my class teacher to skip my roll number and attend some other student as incomplete consultation session will be of no use to anyone and it would not be wise to waste time by waiting for someone when one class teacher had to attend the entire class.

The ongoing consultation session of the student got over and my roll number was being called off we all approached towards the teacher. My mind ticked the plan B and the plan B says to create a dramatic scene of getting unconsciousness.

I acted to faint and in no time I was being surrounded by numerous people, everyone was trying to show their medical skills by trying to understand the symptoms and explaining the way for recovery from it. It was getting difficult for me to act as an individual who had lost his consciousness despite being in full consciousness.

I could realize that my father was holding me and he was patiently listening to everyone and then the school principal arrived, he starts discussing with my father and after a discussion of 2 minutes it was being concluded that a small injection could help me in gaining my consciousness back.

Injection was that one word which could easily terrify a kid like me and only the word injection helped me in gaining a consciousness. The other moment I was standing on my own feet and it came as a matter of surprise for others when they found a kid like me back on his own feet who was deep down in a so called fake unconsciousness.   

I somehow realized that though my drama was not executed properly but it certainly helped me in gaining a small sympathy from my class teacher and this was what I was looking forward for. I thought that I would be given relaxation from the consultation session and to some extent it worked as well. The class teachers asked my parents to take me back to home but so as to I could relax.

My father cleared the air and shared that it was just a drama created by me so that he could escape this session. He mentions to the class teacher about the tricks which I applied for avoiding this session, this turned my class teacher more furious. When I was being asked about it I was speechless

I was very much clear about the post parent teacher meeting consequence as I had a fair idea of my exams and the size of my father’s hand. After being caught red handed for playing a drama of fake unconsciousness the deadly consequences seems to be inevitable.

Once I was playing humpty dumpty with my younger brother wherein both of us use to climb up the boundary wall and jump from there. My father saw us playing and he told us not to play such games where one could get easily hurt. We both ignored our father’s word, both of us kept on playing humpty dumpty and the next moment accidently my younger brother slipped from the boundary wall and he fell from there hurting himself. I being the eldest was being given responsibility to take care but I failed and that too when I was being instructed not to play such a game by my father. That was the day when my father’s five fingers created a red impression on my cheek.

We were sitting in front of the teacher and the teacher was explaining the flaws in my exam paper and with every passing second my heart beat increased. The teacher started explaining the developmental plans to my parents so that I could do well in upcoming exams.

I tried to read my father’s face but 11 year old barely gets to understand the psyche of others and I was so scared that this time I peed in my pants and I fainted. This time it was real and I was not knowing for how long I was unconscious but when I opened my eyes I found myself lying on the bed of school dispensary.

My mother was sitting next to me and my father was discussing something with the doctor, they were accompanied by the school principal. They found me back into consciousness and they approached me but the moment I saw my father and principal coming near me I started crying as I knew that the upcoming consequences would bare be favorable.

The scene went a bit dramatic where in I found my mother was a bit tense but my father, doctor and principal started laughing. The doctor came and told my mother for not worrying as it was just a small stress which was caused because of fear.  My principal came and assured me that no one would say anything to me back in the home after which I stopped crying.

35 years has passed by then but still my father tries to pull my leg whenever I accompany my kids for parent teacher meeting.

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Miser Friend

We all are a social being and we like staying in a society surrounded by people alike us irrespective of their types, the one whom we hate are considered as enemies and the one whom we love are called friends.

We all tend to befriend someone so that we can share our happy and sorrow moments with them. A lot of us befriend our parents, grandparents or someone from the family and a lot of us befriend their work mates and class mates.

I was lucky that I always got good friends who supported me and helped me in every ups and downs and I believe that is what the friends are meant for. I knew the importance of friendship that is the reason I supported my friends equally.

Few of the friends become your lifeline and they deserve to be with you for ever, I had also one in my life and he was almost my lifeline. My best friend Ravi, he had all the good qualities to be a good friend but he had one bad habit. He was very miser and if one describes this nature of his then he would be ranked as the epitome of it.

He was often teased by our other friends because of his nature but it would barely bother him. Ravi would think more than 100 times even if a coin needs to be spent and lot many times he suffered because of his miser attitude but he is that one individual which does not gets effected by this.

There was one thing which was admirable about him that he was that one person who neither likes to offer free lunches to anyone and nor did he participated in anyone else’s free lunch.

One day we all friends decided to break the jinx and we planned for evening treat from Ravi after office hours. But the biggest problem was who will bell the cat and how it will be done, since the entire office was aware of the Ravi’s nature we hatched a plan to trap Ravi and I involved my reporting manager in the plan who was also the reporting manager of Ravi. Our reporting manager was common but only thing uncommon was the tuning with the reporting manager. I and my reporting manager use to get along well and it might be because of similar age group and similar habit, but my boss was not the same with Ravi.

My reporting manager also became the part of the plan and we decided that we would trap Ravi by playing a trick, normally my reporting manager use to have a brief session in the evening with all of us regarding the completion and pendency of assigned task.

Ravi was preparing the evening report and tried to distract him by saying that “Today our boss is not going to take this session so you can relax”. But Ravi countered my question “What if the session happens?”  The prey was entering the trap and I decided to create a magic out of this moment “If the session happens than I would take you along with the office gang for an evening treat and if the session is skipped than you will take us for the treat.”

Things turned out as planned and after office hours we all were eagerly waiting for the treat from Ravi. We packed ourselves in a cab and we all were heading for a party place like a party animal. Everyone was excited except Ravi as this time he was completely out of his cover.

The cab driver kept on driving for an hour and we reached to a roadside Dhaba which was not at all appropriate place for people like us who prefers cheese over wine in the evening. We all were looking at each other and we were wondering what to do now as Ravi played his master card by saying that “Since the party has to be from my side so only I would decide the party place.”

The place was full of truck drivers and cleaners but we were left with no choice as we were almost out of the city and finding another place would be time consuming so we went by the word of Ravi and we tried to please ourselves at that so called party place.

I did not liked at all the way Ravi treated us and I encountered him “You earn good enough to give us a treat at our regular party place and it is not that you are suffering through any financial burden or personal liability.” I was a bit close to Ravi so I knew his in and out. “Every one sitting here are eating their food and you can easily make it out from their body language that they are enjoying their drinks too, it is our feeling which matters all the time.” I opted to keep silent and not to reply him on this but I myself decided that I would definitely teach him a lesson.

One Sunday I reached Ravi’s house and I asked him to accompany for some work. I was very much aware that Ravi was the one who was unable to control his hunger and when I got him from his breakfast table then definitely he would be starving to the max as all three hands of the clock touches the digit 12.

The entire plan was set and I was in full mood to teach Ravi a good lesson so that he quits this nature and start behaving like a normal. I kept on going from one place to another for some or other reason and ignored Ravi’s request of eating something. It did not bothered me much because I had a full plate breakfast in the morning so that the pre fixed plan gets well executed.

It was almost 2 in the clock and the sun was also in its full mood to show the actual presence of his existence. “Now I can’t walk a single step.” Ravi was now becoming restless and the plans were really falling to the places. The entire drama was pre-set and I was the author of the drama, we reached an eating joint and we got our self a place to sit. We sat and waited for waiter to come and take the order, time passed by and half an hour passed but no waiter came to take our order.

It was my cousin’s restaurant which was recently opened and I had set up a plan by involving him and as it was a lunch time and that too a Sunday so there was a rush more than the expectation. Waiters were busy taking and serving orders but as instructed by me and my cousin none of the waiter approached our table. “What kind of place is this? No one is coming to take our order.” There was a bit of anger in the tone of Ravi. As he called waiters but every waiter excused himself because of one or other reason. “Have a look around, people are enjoying their food, and there is an immense satisfaction in their face. So you can relax as it is a nice place to be and eat” I replied him back. He understood the purpose of me quoting it so he kept quiet.

Finally the waiter came and he started taking our order, in between I interrupted and asked the waiter “How is the food by the way, as it seems to be a new place.” The waiter put up a smile on his face and instructed he replied us “Sir, you will love the food of this place, the food melts and tastes like honey once you put the food inside your mouth.” I stood up from my chair and asked Ravi to leave “Let us go to some other place, the place where we can find a bottle of honey as there is no point wasting money here.” “But who eats honey as lunch?” Ravi asked me. The question was like a full toss ball and I was all set to hit a six with my answer. “It is all about your inner satisfaction by fulfilling your inner hunger for food, the form of the food may vary.” Ravi understood what I was trying to tell him and accompanied me to the grocery shop so that we can find a bottle of honey. It was my relative’s shop and inside the shop a prefixed drama was about to happen.

We both entered the grocery shop and we demanded a bottle of a honey from the so called shop keeper alias my relative. Shopkeeper handed me a bottle of honey and I gave it to Ravi, the one who barely skips his single meal but unfortunately he had to skip his two meals breakfast and lunch today. He tried to open the bottle but I took it back from him and asked the shopkeeper “How is the honey?” The shopkeeper replied “The honey is as pure as a mountain water.” I kept the bottle of honey back to the counter and asked the shopkeeper for a bottle of mountain water.

I gave the bottle of water to Ravi and asked him to relish it, “Kindly have the water as it will quench your thirst and hunger both and you can do it through your inner feeling. After all it is the inner feeling which matters.”

Ravi was stand still and he understood the purpose of the entire act and he pledged that he would definitely give up his miser nature.

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Monday blues is a common syndrome with every employee and so is with me, but one Monday this syndrome reached its peak and forced me to think for bunking the office. I was working with a food distribution agency and Monday and Saturday are two days of the week wherein the work load is very high in comparison to other week days and taking an off during these two days is very difficult.

I got up from my bed and sat on the sofa in a relaxed mode as i was getting ways to find out a solid excuse for my boss so that I can avoid the office today.

“Are you not getting late for your work?” My wife asked me

“Not exactly, as I think my body needs one more day of rest.” I replied

She came near to me out of concern and placed her hand on my forehead to check the probability of fever but the body temperature was normal as there was no fever.

“You seem to be ok, then why are you skipping your office?” My interrogating officer asked me, normally in every house the wife stays the interrogating officer and the husband remains the culprit.

I remained quiet for a while and thought that i should plan something in such a way that I do not get to face my interrogating officer neither and nor should be leaving for work.

“Look at the weather outside, it is such a pleasant weather outside and do not you think we should plan something outside like movie or shopping?” It was a googly from my side

“Yes, you are very correct and we should definitely plan something.” It was an out and the googly was a success.

“But I’m failing to find a proper excuse so that my boss grants me to take leave today.” I was seriously confused. I asked my wife to find a proper excuse as ladies are very smart in this department as per me.

She took my mobile phone and dialled my boss, I was clueless about her doing but she asked me to remain quiet and watch.

“Hello Vijay Sir, how are you doing?” to my surprise she literally dialled my boss from the mobile and started the conversation. My boss knows my wife as both of our families have met in few official occasions and exchanged pleasantries.

“Sir, today Rahul would not be coming to office as he is really ill and the doctor has advised him a complete bed rest for one entire day.” It was my wife trying to explain to my boss by giving and false excuse and the matter of surprise was that, my boss got convinced and granted my leave. She winked and gave my mobile phone back to me.

“Let’s get a cup of coffee for ourselves and plan the entire day.” She left for kitchen and left me a headache as I was not at all in a mood to go out and leave bed. I was in a full mood to spread myself on the bed like a bed sheet and enjoy the TV.

I wish that it rains like hell and the entire road gets waterlogged, I realised that my second consecutive wish got fulfilled. The first wish was of getting the leave granted from my boss on Monday and the second was to get in a situation where in none of us talk of going out. It started raining and that too it was raining like hell. I was in my balcony and was in full surprise to witness it.

“Oh no, why is it raining?” my wife came and handed me the cup of coffee with a sheer disappointment after witnessing the rain. I was smiling but the smile was internal as you cannot show your smiling teeth in front of your disappointed wife, it holds a risk of getting broken, I sympathised my wife and asked to prepare an amazing meal.

During shower itself I decided which web series do I need to finish today, and with full excitement I got my food and went inside my room and started setting to the web series. The door bell rang but I ignored as I thought it must be maid or someone from neighbour.

My wife went and opened the door it was my boss on the door. My wife welcomed my boss and he captured a position in the sofa.

My wife came and switched off the TV and took my food plate from my hand, I thought that my wish did not lasted for too long and the rain must have stopped outside.

“Your boss is here to see you so better get inside the bed and act as if you are not well.” My wife whispered, my eyebrows spread wide with full wrinkles on my forehead.

I got into the bed and covered myself with a blanket, my boss came inside the room and asked me about my well being. I nodded and said “It is better now.”

“I realised this morning that I should personally get involve into the well being of my employees as i realise that the work burden has increased in our office these days but it is a matter of few days as i have asked the HR to appoint few more resources so that my existing employee maintains a work life balance.”

For the first time I really loved my boss for his caring concern but unfortunately the situation was not appropriate. The caring boss kept his tune on and it was like a one sided nonstop conversation from my boss for approximately 5 hours which I or to be very precise every subordinate is habitual of. I got so bugged up with this conversation that I later thought that it would have been much better if I would have gone to office and saved my one sick leave which went for a toss.

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“What is this?” I asked my wife by showing him my brand new shirt.

“This is the same shirt which I gifted you on your birthday.” My wife answered me with a smile.

“Good that you thought to wear it today.” My wife took the shirt and unfolded it and tried helping me in wearing it.

The shirt got unfolded and few bits of the shirt fall down. “Oh god, this place is now becoming a mouse house. I’m not going to stay here anymore.” My wife angrily handed me the brand new shirt on which my flat mate Mr. Mouse seems to shower its immense love. It seems my flat became the shelter home for rats, but shifting of house was again a new expense which I don’t want to bear at that point so I thought of bringing a solution to this problem.

I visited my friend’s shop who deals with pest control things and I shard my problem with him, in return he handed me a mouse trap. On the same night I hooked a piece of bread loaf in mouse trap and waited for the result. Next morning to my surprise I found that the bread loaf was missing along with the mouse.

“The size of the mouse is so big that they easily enters and gets out of the trap after eating. You need to plan something else.” My wife gave me the mouse trap and asked it to return and get a bigger one.

I obeyed my wife like rest of husband and got a bigger mouse trap. The plan got executed well and I and my wife succeeded but one mouse trap means only one mouse but mine flat was like a playground for the rats so one mouse every day was not working well with us.

I again went back to my friend and asked for a bigger solution, he handed me few rat balls and assured me that this would definitely work. I spilled the rat balls all across the corners of my house and waited for the result. Few days passed but the expected result did not arrive.

 “What is this foul smell?” I asked my wife.

“It is all because of your rat balls, the rats are dying after eating the balls but they die somewhere in the corner of the house so everyday finding the dead rats and throwing them out has become a headache, so you need to think of something else.” My wife angrily handed me a dustpan and a dead rat was lying on that. The smell was too bad to resist so I quickly went out and threw the dead rat out.

“The rats of this house are munching everything as if they have got that as gifts from their in laws, I’m not at all in a mood to stay in this mouse house anymore.” This time my wife was pretty serious about her decision and even I also started putting focus on that. Despite all the facts there was one more truth which was hanging in front of me and that was the shifting expense so I tried to console my wife.

“Let us give one more try and get a solution to this problem.” I softly asked my wife.

“It is me who has to stay in this mouse house for the entire day and clean those blackish mouse shits which you will find everywhere in the house. You will leave for your work in an hour and you will be out for the entire day so you barely might be finding this problem considerate enough to get a solution.” My wife was a bit high on her tone this time.

I left for the work and I decided to consult my pest control friend for one last time and get a foolproof solution to this problem.

“You better suggest something better this time as all your plans have failed and my house has become a mouse house.” I asked my friend.

“Why don’t you get a proper pest control thing done at your house, we will do proper pest inspection and we will also defog your house so as to all the unwanted creatures leave your house. My friend shared a small demo so as to how the pest control would be done.

“It seems expensive.” I asked my friend.

“Yes, but it will cost you much lesser than the shifting cost.” My friend answered me wittingly and it was very much convincing for me as well.

We fixed a day and on that day the team from my friends pest control shop came and they did every single thing which they could do like fixing the mouse trap, spilling rat balls, defogging and what not. The smell of the house because of defogging and other pest liquids became unbearable for both of us so we decided that we would stay at our brother’s house for a day or a two and then we would return back.

It was approximately 2 months post the pest control activity, me and my wife were going to market. My pest control friend caught me from back.

“Hi, how are you doing? You have not been to shop for a while so it seems that the pest control has worked well.” My friend asked me.

I and my wife were looking at each other so as to what should be the answer for the question but I took the onus and replied him back.

“We actually shifted from that house to another house.” I replied him back and found my friend scratching his head. Now it seems he must be finding an excuse to leave.