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Once upon a time an old man was staying along with his son and daughter in law. The family was prosperous and there was no scarcity of anything. The old man who use to earn good during his young age has been mowed down by his old age now. He trembles while walking and a support of stick was required for him to walk around. [read more ] His face was full of wrinkles and he was passing his remaining life somehow. There was one thing which was very good in the family, the entire family would eat together. One fine day as usual the entire family was dining together Son entered the house from the work and he was starving due to hunger so he quickly grabbed a chair and joined the rest of the family who were already sitting and waiting for the Son at the dining table.

The old man tried to hold his plate but he couldn’t hold it properly and the plate slipped away from his hand and the food got spilled on the dining table. Son and Daughter in law looked at the old man with anger and hatred but they ignored the act of the old man and they continued with their food. The old father somehow managed to arrange his plate by his own and started to eat his food but his old age was not giving enough strength to him so that he could eat his food properly but he kept on eating with his trembling hand which resulted in spilling the food on the table his own clothes and floor.

Daughter in law observed the act of the old man and stood up with full anger and started shouting on the old man for his improper way of eating. ”Oh Lord! Look at the way this old man is eating his food, sometimes I feel I should arrange a separate dining plate in any corner of the house”. The son nodded his head and it seems as if he is also agreeing on to the daughter in law’s saying. The grandson of the old man was observing the whole act very quietly. The very next day the old man’s plate was placed separately and his son and daughter in law asked his father to eat there itself. The old man’s eyes were almost full of tears but due to his dependency on his son and daughter in law he was not able to utter a single word. He sat down and started eating, the food was getting spilled and at the same time the grandson was constantly staring the old man. The daughter in law observed it and she asked the grandson to eat properly. The grandson with full of innocence excused himself by saying “Mom I’m learning the way one should behave with their old age parents”.

The son and daughter in law looked at each other and then looked at his son with a question mark on his face. “When you will grow old then I will also behave with you in the same way the way you people are behaving with my grand pa”. The words of the grandson left a shivering sensation for both the son and the daughter in law and it left a deep impact on to the mind of both of them. It also taught a both of them a big lesson. The son immediately left his chair and grabbed the old man’s shoulder and brought him to the common dining table and at the same time the daughter in law placed food in front of the old man.

The biggest wealth in this world is our parents, we all should understand that one day we all would get old and when we would turn old then we would also require support. The support which parents provided us during our childhood days so likewise we should also be support our parents during their old age. [/read]

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